I suck at watercolors (Documented Life Project #14)

OhMyGoodnessOhMyGoodnessOhMyGoodness... I had some free time on my hands last week and I thought it would be nice to dive into the Documented Life Project and make another art journal with the challenges the DLP-team provides. It had been a few weeks since I looked at the site, so I surfed to Art to the 5th to see where I left off. It turned out I had to work with this … [Read More...]


woyww #307 & carved stamps

Things are finally slowing down this week... the Spring Fair I was preparing for in the past week is done and was a success (see this post for a photo-impression) … [Read More...]


After the Spring Fair…

... I'm still glowing! As you may know, I went to a Spring Fair to exhibit my art journals and promote my workshops. The Fair was at a school, and I shared a … [Read More...]


Getting ready…

It is rush hour in "Atelier Marit"... I am getting things ready for the Spring Fair tomorrow. The gelatin plate I handmade is all ready and in the fridge (in the  class room, that I share with three other artists - each has her own stand - we set up a creative … [Read More...]


woyww #306 & yellow pages

Good morning lovelies, good morning desk hoppers! Yep, it's What's On Your Work desk Wednesday, time for another round of desk hopping. I wasn't around last week as I knew up front that I would not be able to visit the other artists' desks, but I have my hopes … [Read More...]


A special follower

Days, no, weeks fly by and my Chronicles art journal contains old pages I did not post yet. I have the feeling I keep on running behind so today I show you two week-pages from March (and OH-MY we are half-way in April already!) You can tell from how the pages … [Read More...]