Aug 12 2014

Old Chronicles and New Page

Weeks and weeks, even months, passed by without me posting my “Chronicles” art journal pages…  the pages I show you today are from February… made in another place, another time, HA, another life almost…

Oh, and there’s a brand new art journal page at the end of this post… so there you have it both.

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Aug 6 2014

Starburst and woyww #270

Hello there lovelies, here I am blogging again!
It feels a bit odd after all these months of silence and I’m still not ‘into the groove’, but I’m trying dear ones, I’m trying and I do hope I will get back to regular creating and blogging soon… untill then, I hope to  surprise you (and myself) every now and then with a short blogpost and something creative…

Since today is Wednesday and my workdesk in my new – only just unpacked and set – atelier* was bursting with colours this morning (* I won’t be using the word ‘studio’ anymore – I have my reasons… long story…) I thought it would be fun to join WOYWW again…  It is good to see Julia and the whole bunch of collaborators are still showing their workdesks on Wednesday.
Here’s mine (click on the photo to enlarge for a better view.)

WOYWW #270



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Nov 22 2013

Found Poetry Friday #11



I love poetry.
I am especially fond of ‘found poetry’, and I mean found in all its forms… found in book titles, found in magazines, on book pages, cut out words and sentences – you name it. There is so much possible when it comes to ‘found poetry’… and this kind of poetry is also great to use on art journal pages also.

I therefore started FOUND POETRY FRIDAY – everyone is welcome to play along!

There is an “Inlinkz”-list at the end of this post. If you want to share your found poems, you are welcome to add your name to the list that will link us to your blogpost.

You can post your found poem on your own blog any time during the week, so you don’t have to make YOUR Fridays all about poetry – you just link us to the post that contains your poem. Please use the url that goes directly to you ‘found poetry post.’


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Mar 1 2013

Book Title Haiku & “Risky” Art Journaling


The grey and rainy weather in the Netherlands is starting to get on my nerves. It is affecting my mood lately, heck, even Mr. Mojo seems to stay rather in bed than play at the studio table.
I’m sorry dear ones, I will not make this a wining post. I better show you pictures instead of complaining… Today,  I bring you another book title haiku and some art journal pages.

Haiku My Heart Friday

Het stenen bruidsbedDe belofte aan RachelGeheel de uwe The stone bridal bedThe promise to RachelAll yours

“Written” (‘found’) for Haiku my Heart at Recuerda Mi Corazon

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Feb 20 2013

Tales from the Studio and woyww #194

It has come to my attention that a lot of woyww-participants prefer a short post showing only the picture of the workdesk. I am not the type for very short posts – so feel free to skip the ‘tale’ and scroll right to the bottom of this post to find my workdesk.

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Feb 15 2013

Book title Haiku & Thunderstorms

Goodmorning dear ones and a special goodmorning to my friends from the haiku-circle… I’m back to continue where I left off: another haiku in my bookcase.

Haiku My Heart Friday


Mijn Kleine OorlogRevolutionary RoadHorrible Tango My Little WarRevolutionary RoadHorrible Tango

I’m glad to join the list of haiku-lovers again and say hi to all my fellow-poets, especially to our hostess Rebecca who generously opens her blog Recuerda Mi Corazon for all haiku lovers on Fridays.


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Nov 16 2012

Become an Island

Don’t you just love that sentence?
Do you ever want to ‘become an island’?
I do!

Here’s my haiku for today.
Again: books from my collection.
I realize I open up and expose myself quite a lot by showing you my books  -
I “showcase some of the building blocks that have crafted my knowledge,
personality and identity.”

“Sharing your shelf is sharing yourself “ says Peter Knox on the Guardian
website (September 7, 2012 – Read the article here)

Well… here’s again a part of me for Haiku my Heart Friday


Een eiland worden

Tussen iemand en niemand

De prijs der vrijheid

Become an Island

Between someone and no one

The price of freedom


(The top and bottom books are Dutch, the book by Joseph Brodsky
is originally titled ‘Less then one’.)


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