Jan 8 2013

Some cleaning and how I make my Chronicles


Hi there lovelies! Are you used to January yet?
The New Year finally has settled in my mind – but I’m still a bit confused about the “3″ in the number… it means I will turn 50 this year. Eeeckkk!

I suddenly got the jitters the other day to ‘clean up’ my blog but I guess that’s normal to want to start “clean” when a new year starts. For your information: If you look at the top menu (waaayyy on top) you will see I re-arranged my galleries and also added a new page. I’ll take you through it:

  • Home = obvious, you all know “Home” don’t you?
  • About = obvious too, learn more about me there.
  • Resume = I may have to work on that page. I’m not really sure what to do with it, what info goes/stays in, what goes out… I will think about it some more. For now I leave it as it is.
  • Blog series = a new page! This page will make it easy for you to find specific series of blogposts. I plan to do more ‘series’ on my blog in the future and if I do, I will add the links there.
  • Art Journals = galleries showing my various art journals.
  • Chronicles = special galleries for my Chronicles – I though I’d keep them together so you can find all the former “Chronicles” art journals there.
  • Other = well… ‘other’, like mono-types, ATCs, mail art and so on.

Besides re-arranging the top menu, I also made similar looking buttons that link to my website and social media pages… you can find them in the side menu. Before it was a bit messy with a little ‘twitter bird’, a facebook badge et cetera.


So far for the household notes – let’s move on to something creative shall we?

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Dec 21 2012

Holiday Haiku & OLW

As most of you know from Christmas day until New Year my blog
will be dedicated to creativity and music – The Top 2000 Blog Party -
so this will be my last ‘regular’ post in 2012.

Let’s start with a haiku then.
I dived into my book case and I found a nice “Holiday Haiku” for you!



De kaarsenmaakster

Een engel aan mijn tafel

Licht en duisternis

The candle maker

An angel at my table

Light and darkness

I submit this last-haiku-of-the-year to Haiku my Heart Friday and to all
my wonderful friends in the Haiku circle: may your holidays be filled with
light, joy and laughter!


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Dec 18 2012

Breath in, breath out…

That’s what I had to keep in mind last week – yes, there was a reason for
not blogging on Friday and it was for sure not a nice one…

A publisher’s worst nightmares happened: when FEATURING was
delivered from the printing office, it turned out that one of the pages
in the issue showed a huge printing fault. Therefore, we decided we could
not send it off to the customers. FEATURING stands for a high quality
magazine, not only in content but also in how it looks – the finishing.
We refuse to send our customers a magazine that shows an artwork that
is mutilated because of wrong printing. So we demanded the printing office
to start over and print the magazine again. That means that there will be
a delay and, because of the holidays, it will take almost a Month before
issue 3 will (again) come out.


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Dec 7 2012

We Did It (again!)

Pfew…. the next issue of FEATURING is at the printer’s office and will be
out next week! After the second issue took extra time to get out to the public,
I decided we should try hard to get back on track and in to the schedule…
So I whipped up the team and MAN, they did such a great job (or do you
think they were afraid I would punish them if they didn’t? ;) )

Well… they are not revolting yet so I guess they were OK with it
and we are all so proud of this issue! Take alone the cover:


Yeah, right – and now you want to know what’s inside I guess…
well, here you go:

Read a brief summary of the content HERE
A Glimpse inside this issue can be seen in the PREVIEW

And, last but not least, FEATURING has a surprise for all readers
who live outside Europe. The magazine managed to lower the shipping
costs for customers who purchase from outside Europe. Now that is
an extra reason to want to order an issue right away, isn’t it?
Well, go ahead, PRE-ORDER/BUY your issue now (I will wait…)


Done? YAY! Thanks!
On to the haiku then.
I searched for a ‘book title haiku’ that would celebrate the release
of issue 3 and – oh miracle – I found one too!


Het innerlijk vuur

Van schrijver tot boekenkast

De grote wereld

The Fire within

From Writer to Book Case

The big world

As always, I submit this haiku to Haiku my Heart Friday


Last Tuesday I announced my annual “Top 2000 Creative and Musical
Blog Party” – (hm, that’s what you get when you try to fit it all into the title)
- you can find the post here  on my blog. There was no room left
to show you any pages I made, so I do it now…

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Nov 30 2012

Haiku in my Bookcase

For the sixth week in a row I found a haiku in my bookcase…


Regen en sterren

De grond onder haar voeten

Gesponnen suiker

Nights of Rain and Stars

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Spun Sugar


For more Friday haiku my heart, visit Rebecca
and other poets at Recuerda Mi Corazon


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Nov 20 2012

I told you…

… there were more circles to be expected…

The Chronicles of Marit 2012 – Week 46


I am getting a feeling for the Dylusions spray ink and all the ways it can
be used. This background is again made with the ink and some templates.
The circles were cut from a magazine and the month/date is written in
stamped frames. It looks like a simple page, but I assure you: it isn’t.
It took me quite some time to get it together and look like this.


I have not much time today – so no long blogpost – but I do have
something cute to show you .

(‘CUTE’ you say…? Marit?
Using the word ‘cute’??)
Oh yessss… read on and you’ll see!


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Nov 13 2012

Lost and Found

Last week, I received a comment on a forum where I have my art
in galleries. When I went there to look to what page the comment
was referring, it turned out that it was the very first ‘Chronicles
spread’ I ever made. Some lady said she really loved it!

I had not seen this spread myself for a while (the page is from April 2010)
and looking at it with fresh eyes made me see how joyful and whimsical it
is. Here’s that old spread:

The Chronicles of Marit 2010 – Week 17

I also remembered how fun it was to work with all kinds of small images,
journal pads, stamps and doodles. I did that a lot on those first pages…

Later, I changed my ways and all kinds of spreads were made since then,
but this week I decided to go back to my ‘old ways’ and make a week-spread
similar to this one.


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