Jan 18 2013


Blogging in English takes time. English is not my native language and, although I like to think I’m pretty good in it, I keep the dictionary at hand to look up specific words. Like ‘contemplation.’ I could have used another word (‘reflection’ or ‘ consideration’) but I spend at least 10 minutes googling and checking and looking for the exact right word – I’m picky like that.

This means, that writing a blogpost costs me half a day. Coming up with a title or theme, shooting the right photos (+ cropping and adding the watermark), finding the right words to share what I want to share… I like blogging though, so I don’t mind taking the time for it to try and do it right.


(Yep – you felt it coming – there’s a but…)

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Jan 15 2013

Up my sleeve…

I have something up my sleeve.
I’m not ready to reveal it all just yet but in this post I present the start of something that hopefully will become a new blogpost series over the next weeks – and today, YOU are involved!

It’s simple…

On the photo you see my scrapbook albums… old and newer ones in random order on the shelf. The albums contain both spreads and ‘one page’ layouts – the number is stated on the photo.


Now YOU let me know which album I should open and which page I should post next week… I will review the layout on my blog, give my comments or explain the techniques, something like that.

It’s up to you now… make your pick and let me know in a comment!

See you all soon!


Jan 11 2013

Haiku & Monotypes

The top 2000 party has been reviewed, my blog has been cleaned and the last Chronicles pages from 2012 has been showed… I arrived in the present and am ready to pick up the routine again!

You know what that means at the end of the week, don’t you?
Haiku My Heart Friday!

Here’s the latest haiku that I found in my book case

Ik herinner mij

De hond met de blauwe tong

De laatste eenhoorn

I commemorate

The dog that had a blue tongue

The last unicorn


I did a bit of a ‘free translation’ to make the syllables fit in English.
The first two book titles are much simpler then my translation…
“I remember” and “The dog with the blue tongue” are more accurate but
I like to get the syllables right… I’m a hairsplitter ;)

For more Friday haiku my heart, visit Rebecca
and other poets today at Recuerda Mi Corazon

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Jan 8 2013

Some cleaning and how I make my Chronicles


Hi there lovelies! Are you used to January yet?
The New Year finally has settled in my mind – but I’m still a bit confused about the “3″ in the number… it means I will turn 50 this year. Eeeckkk!

I suddenly got the jitters the other day to ‘clean up’ my blog but I guess that’s normal to want to start “clean” when a new year starts. For your information: If you look at the top menu (waaayyy on top) you will see I re-arranged my galleries and also added a new page. I’ll take you through it:

  • Home = obvious, you all know “Home” don’t you?
  • About = obvious too, learn more about me there.
  • Resume = I may have to work on that page. I’m not really sure what to do with it, what info goes/stays in, what goes out… I will think about it some more. For now I leave it as it is.
  • Blog series = a new page! This page will make it easy for you to find specific series of blogposts. I plan to do more ‘series’ on my blog in the future and if I do, I will add the links there.
  • Art Journals = galleries showing my various art journals.
  • Chronicles = special galleries for my Chronicles – I though I’d keep them together so you can find all the former “Chronicles” art journals there.
  • Other = well… ‘other’, like mono-types, ATCs, mail art and so on.

Besides re-arranging the top menu, I also made similar looking buttons that link to my website and social media pages… you can find them in the side menu. Before it was a bit messy with a little ‘twitter bird’, a facebook badge et cetera.


So far for the household notes – let’s move on to something creative shall we?

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Jan 4 2013

Sneak peek & top 2000 flashback

This is my first blogpost of 2013 and are you prepared for a long one?
Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this ‘top 2000 flashback’

But first of all, this:


And second… a top 2000 flashback!

There were a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT) participants playing in my top 2000 blog party last week and MAN, did we all have fun!!! My art was in between all the submitted pieces on my blog every day and it just said the artist and name of the song with every piece. (If you want to see all the art pieces, click here to see view all the top 2000 posts.) But as I explained before – I picked ‘my¬† songs’ for a reason. The songs that inspired me to make an art journal page are all songs that have special meaning to me… the song itself may not even be a favorite of mine but each song evokes a certain memory. In this post, I publish each page again with the background story. Enjoy!

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Jan 1 2013


I want to thank all the participants who played along in the Top 2000
Blog Party and I wish all my blogreaders and (online) friends

a wonderful 2013