Nov 25 2013

Looking forward… (and latest ‘Chronicles’ pages)

A quick blogpost without much words… don’t worry – I’m doing OK and taking it slow…
I’m working on a canvas, in between I go for long walks and I am looking forward to this:

My “die hard followers” will recognize this blinkie… to all others: come back next week to find out more about it as the voting for the top 2000 2013 list starts then. Wanna know RIGHT NOW what I’m talking about? Then read this post from last year.

Today I plan to work on the canvas I started last weekend… but before I go I show you the latest spreads in the Chronicles Art Journal.



The Chronicles of Marit 2013 – Week 45



The Chronicles of Marit 2013 – Week 46



Hope you all have a ‘feel good’ day’!


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