Dec 2 2013

Top 2000 list for 2013 – VOTE!

Most of you who follow me for longer then a year recognize this logo… and the story behind it.
For those who don’t know, a brief history (more posts will follow later!)

From Christmas to New Year, the Radio 2 team presents the 2000 favorite songs of the listeners. Music! 24 hours a day!
A few years back, I started my ‘top 2000 blog party‘ in the slipstream of the top 2000. I created art every day inspired by a song from the list. Everyone was invited to play along and create to the music – and I posted all the submissions on my blog. What succes it was! Even the top 2000 people picked up my ‘party’ and came to film me, the video can still be seen here on youtube.

This will be the fifth (!!!) time that I host this artful and musical blog party, and I know for sure that a lot of participants look forward to it as much as I do!

More information and ‘the rules to participate’ will be posted on my blog once the ‘official list’ is out… that list is being composed this week and that is where today’s blogpost comes in!



The voting for the new top 2000 list 2013 is closed!
The official, complete list for the top 2000 will be announced on December 23

Vote for your fave songs from November 30 -  December 6

I made a ‘tutorial’ for all my English-speaking fellow-artists who want to play along… the fun starts right here as you can now vote for your favourite songs to get in the list! The highest ranked 2000 songs will be played on the radio/Internet in the last week of 2013.

Look at the images below to see how it works – then go to the TOP 2000 VOTING WEBSITE and find your fave songs to vote on.

Have fun!

(You can click on the images to enlarge!)

The home (start) screen looks like this – all the songs are listed in alphabetical order.


You can also view the list with little pictures, that looks like this…


Searching for a special musician, band or song? Type it here!


You can vote for a maximum of 15 songs from the given list and
add a maximum of 5 “Free choices” (songs that are not on the list.)

Click on the song you wish to vote for and get the following screen…


There’s room to type a motivation for your choice if you like.
Then click “Voeg toe” (= “add”)

You can keep track of the choices you already made by clicking “stemmen” (“your votes”)


Here’s how my list looked half-way my voting…


When you click “Vrije keuze” (“Free choice”) you go to a screen
where you can fill out the artist, songtitle and a motivation.
“Opslaan” = “save”


To finish, go to your list to check it one last time. Satisfied about your choice?
Click on “Breng stemmen uit” = “Vote”

This form will pop up for you to fill out (see translation on image below)


The next page, after you clicked ‘send’, is a survey.
You can skip that page… and get to this last page.


NOTE: You are not completely finished yet!
To confirm your vote you will have to click the link
in the email that is sent to you!

Go to your inbox, click the (first) link in the email and your vote will be confirmed.
(“Thanks, your vote has been confirmed.”)


The second link in the email takes you to your personal list – the songs you voted for.


Voting is possible until December 6.

I’ll explain all about the top 2000 blog party as soon as the ‘official list’ is announced!
In the meantime, feel free to grab my top 2000 blinkie from the side menu if you’re planning to participate.

Find the top 2000 posts from the last years [2011, 2012] here.
Top 2000 posts from older years [2009, 2010] can be found in these archives.



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