Sep 10 2014

woyww #275 and more…

I just got back from the dentist, who pulled two teeth… there’s nothing much to do now than wait until the anesthesia wears to see how I will feel the rest of the day…  right now I don’t feel any pain so I better use this ‘free time’ to write a blogpost. Let’s start with showing my workdesk and how it looked like this morning – photographed for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

WOYWW #275



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Sep 3 2014

woyww #274 – Preparing for the Art Route

On this sunny day in Zeeland, I am inside my atelier preparing for Koudekerke Uit de Kunst. This week, Koudekerke (a village nearby) is bursting from cultural activities. The activities find their climax with a so called ‘Art Route’ which takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I will be part of the Art Route on Saturday, September 6, to  show my work. Right now, I’m working hard to get everything ready for that. I bound a lot of new books over the past few weeks and these last days are filled with preparing (like putting prizes to my handbound books,)  tying up all the loose ends (like: finding that black cloth to lay over the table to show my work on… the cloth must be somewhere in a box after the move… but there’s still a lot of boxes unpacked and I don’t know in which one the cloth is – probably the last one I open?! Grrr….) and packing up my stuff.

Here’s how my work table looks today – photographed for Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

WOYWW #274



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Aug 29 2014

Found Poetry Friday #20

Sooo… shall we start up the Found Poetry Friday series again? Well… yes, let’s just do that!



I love poetry.
I am especially fond of ‘found poetry’, and I mean found in all its forms… found in book titles, found in magazines, on book pages, cut out words and sentences – you name it. There is so much possible when it comes to ‘found poetry’… and this kind of poetry is also great to use on art journal pages also.

I therefore started FOUND POETRY FRIDAY – everyone is welcome to play along!

There is an “Inlinkz”-list at the end of this post. If you want to share your found poems, you are welcome to add your name to the list that will link us to your blogpost.

You can post your found poem on your own blog any time during the week, so you don’t have to make YOUR Fridays all about poetry – you just link us to the post that contains your poem. Please use the url that goes directly to you ‘found poetry post.’


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Aug 26 2014

Small Clue…

Two new index cards for the ‘Box of Longing

Small Clue…



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Aug 21 2014

Chronicles from last March

No words, just some art journal pages from last March.

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Aug 15 2014

Old Chronicles & a harmonica book

Fridayevening… and before I slip into my pyjamas to spend the rest of the evening hanging on the couch with my beloved and watch crime series, I use this stolen moment to post two more old Chronicle art journal pages (dated  February and March) and a small harmonica box-book that I created only a few weeks ago… come on in and enjoy!

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Aug 12 2014

Old Chronicles and New Page

Weeks and weeks, even months, passed by without me posting my “Chronicles” art journal pages…  the pages I show you today are from February… made in another place, another time, HA, another life almost…

Oh, and there’s a brand new art journal page at the end of this post… so there you have it both.

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