Jan 3 2014

Loose Ends
{and announcing a break}

Goodmorning sweeties… are you used to spend your days without listening (and creating) to the Top 2000 yet? Or are you still having trouble kicking the habit? It was major fun, wasn’t it… to create to the music, and what an overwhelming amount of submission came in every day. Thank you all so much, I had a fabulous week! To top it off, I will show you my pages one more time – as well as my finished journal – because there is a story behind the entries I created for the Top 2000 party. Here we go:


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Jan 18 2013


Blogging in English takes time. English is not my native language and, although I like to think I’m pretty good in it, I keep the dictionary at hand to look up specific words. Like ‘contemplation.’ I could have used another word (‘reflection’ or ‘ consideration’) but I spend at least 10 minutes googling and checking and looking for the exact right word – I’m picky like that.

This means, that writing a blogpost costs me half a day. Coming up with a title or theme, shooting the right photos (+ cropping and adding the watermark), finding the right words to share what I want to share… I like blogging though, so I don’t mind taking the time for it to try and do it right.


(Yep – you felt it coming – there’s a but…)

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