Dec 12 2014

Found Poetry Friday #32




I love poetry.
I am especially fond of ‘found poetry’, and I mean found in all its forms… found in book titles, found in magazines, on book pages, cut out words and sentences – you name it. There is so much possible when it comes to ‘found poetry’… and this kind of poetry is great to use on art journal pages also.

I therefore started FOUND POETRY FRIDAY – everyone is welcome to play along!

There is an “Inlinkz”-list at the end of this post. If you want to share your found poems, you are welcome to add your name to the list that will link us to your blogpost.

You can post your found poem on your own blog any time during the week, so you don’t have to make YOUR Fridays all about poetry – you just link us to the post that contains your poem. Please use the url that goes directly to you ‘found poetry post.’


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May 31 2013

Friday haiku

The sun is shining & I also have a lot to do today so I keep this post short, quick and simple.

Book title haiku for Haiku My Heart Friday


Verboden vruchten

Ik beken ik heb geleefd

De afrekening

Forbidden Flowers

I Confess That I Have Lived

Final Reckoning

Haiku my Heart is hosted by the lovely Rebecca.
Find the list with participants on Recuerda Mi Corazon.


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Apr 19 2013

Haiku and link love


Good Friday aftern0on you all! Yes, afternoon… I’m late today.
The weather was too nice to stay inside so my beloved and I went for a walk this morning. When we returned, I searched my book case for a book title haiku and found yet another one. (You can tell these books are really old – coming from the ‘smoking-era’ – all yellow and brown from aging and nicotine… I cannot clean the spines as these are not ‘plastic-ish’* and I would damage the paper…)

*Plastic-ish is probably a non existing word, but you know what I mean, right?

Anyway, without further ado

Haiku My Heart Friday

De reisgenoten

En eentje zag ze vliegen

Verdwaalde vlinders

Travel Companions

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Stray Butterflies

You foreign readers probably raise your eyebrows when your recognize the first book and read the strange translation… yep, the book is called ‘The Fellowship Of The Ring’ in English. The Dutch translation says (In de ban van de ring) “De Reisgenoten” which translates as “Travel Companions”.

For more haiku, visit Rebecca at Recuerda Mi Corazon to find the linky-list of participants on her blog.

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Apr 5 2013

Love is all around


Today is a lovely day for love sweeties… there is chilly love, longing for love, love for stamps, art journal love and link love… so grab a cup, lean back and enjoy!

Haiku My Heart Friday

De koele minnaarDe maan begon te schijnen

Cirkel in het gras

The Chilly LoverThe Moon Began To Shine

Circle In The Grass

This haiku was found/written for Haiku my Heart Friday.
Visit Rebecca at Recuerda Mi Corazon to find the list of participants of this haiku circle.

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Mar 22 2013

A Breath Of Fresh Air


Last Friday, someone asked “What will you do for haiku when you run out of book covers?”
Well, find a photo and write a haiku myself I guess, like I did before.
But I haven’t run out of covers yet (my bookcase is huge!) so here’s another booktitle haiku.

Haiku My Heart Friday

Naar de vuurtoren

Het lied van de oceaan

Hier is mijn eiland

To The Lighthouse

Thoughts By The Ocean

Here Is My Island

This haiku was found/written for Haiku my Heart Friday. Visit Rebecca at Recuerda Mi Corazon to find the list of participants and blog-hop from haiku to haiku. I assure you, it is a nice way to close the week and start the weekend.

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Jan 11 2013

Haiku & Monotypes

The top 2000 party has been reviewed, my blog has been cleaned and the last Chronicles pages from 2012 has been showed… I arrived in the present and am ready to pick up the routine again!

You know what that means at the end of the week, don’t you?
Haiku My Heart Friday!

Here’s the latest haiku that I found in my book case

Ik herinner mij

De hond met de blauwe tong

De laatste eenhoorn

I commemorate

The dog that had a blue tongue

The last unicorn


I did a bit of a ‘free translation’ to make the syllables fit in English.
The first two book titles are much simpler then my translation…
“I remember” and “The dog with the blue tongue” are more accurate but
I like to get the syllables right… I’m a hairsplitter ;)

For more Friday haiku my heart, visit Rebecca
and other poets today at Recuerda Mi Corazon

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Dec 7 2012

We Did It (again!)

Pfew…. the next issue of FEATURING is at the printer’s office and will be
out next week! After the second issue took extra time to get out to the public,
I decided we should try hard to get back on track and in to the schedule…
So I whipped up the team and MAN, they did such a great job (or do you
think they were afraid I would punish them if they didn’t? ;) )

Well… they are not revolting yet so I guess they were OK with it
and we are all so proud of this issue! Take alone the cover:


Yeah, right – and now you want to know what’s inside I guess…
well, here you go:

Read a brief summary of the content HERE
A Glimpse inside this issue can be seen in the PREVIEW

And, last but not least, FEATURING has a surprise for all readers
who live outside Europe. The magazine managed to lower the shipping
costs for customers who purchase from outside Europe. Now that is
an extra reason to want to order an issue right away, isn’t it?
Well, go ahead, PRE-ORDER/BUY your issue now (I will wait…)


Done? YAY! Thanks!
On to the haiku then.
I searched for a ‘book title haiku’ that would celebrate the release
of issue 3 and – oh miracle – I found one too!


Het innerlijk vuur

Van schrijver tot boekenkast

De grote wereld

The Fire within

From Writer to Book Case

The big world

As always, I submit this haiku to Haiku my Heart Friday


Last Tuesday I announced my annual “Top 2000 Creative and Musical
Blog Party” – (hm, that’s what you get when you try to fit it all into the title)
- you can find the post here  on my blog. There was no room left
to show you any pages I made, so I do it now…

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