Sep 14 2014

Chronicles: April to July

When you saw the title you probably thought this would be one of those ‘picture overload’ posts… but it isn’t. Chronicle pages  from April to July may sound like a lot but I have only a few pages to show you from that period ’cause April, May and June were the weeks that I did not work in my journals…

First I could not do a thing because of the stress of looking at a deadline to find a new house and after we found that, by the end of April, my weeks were filled with packing and moving to the new place. Living in the new appartment brought new troubles and more stress (a noisy neighbour lived above us) and instead of relaxing after a difficult period, we faced yet again firestorms.

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Aug 21 2014

Chronicles from last March

No words, just some art journal pages from last March.

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Aug 15 2014

Old Chronicles & a harmonica book

Fridayevening… and before I slip into my pyjamas to spend the rest of the evening hanging on the couch with my beloved and watch crime series, I use this stolen moment to post two more old Chronicle art journal pages (dated  February and March) and a small harmonica box-book that I created only a few weeks ago… come on in and enjoy!

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Aug 12 2014

Old Chronicles and New Page

Weeks and weeks, even months, passed by without me posting my “Chronicles” art journal pages…  the pages I show you today are from February… made in another place, another time, HA, another life almost…

Oh, and there’s a brand new art journal page at the end of this post… so there you have it both.

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Feb 24 2014


Just a short post, ’cause the weather is sunny and bright and the walls are closing in on me… I want to go outside to feel this Spring-like day, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

However, I won’t leave you empty handed.
I have two Chronicles pages for you to enjoy…


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Feb 19 2014

Tales from the Studio and woyww #246


Thanks everyone, for the nice compliments about my newly-designed website (for the ones who haven’t seen it yet: I re-newed and re-designed my website. I also transfered the ‘about’ page, other information and the photoalbums with my art work from my blog to my website.)

Today is Wednesdays and you know what that means: ‘Tales from the Studio’ – including a photo of my workdesk.


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Feb 17 2014

I choose it to be…


I promised to tell you about my ‘word for the year’ in this post, so here you have it:
my word is ADVENTURE!
Let me explain how I came to choose this word…


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