Feb 24 2014


Just a short post, ’cause the weather is sunny and bright and the walls are closing in on me… I want to go outside to feel this Spring-like day, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

However, I won’t leave you empty handed.
I have two Chronicles pages for you to enjoy…


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Feb 19 2014

Tales from the Studio and woyww #246


Thanks everyone, for the nice compliments about my newly-designed website (for the ones who haven’t seen it yet: I re-newed and re-designed my website. I also transfered the ‘about’ page, other information and the photoalbums with my art work from my blog to my website.)

Today is Wednesdays and you know what that means: ‘Tales from the Studio’ – including a photo of my workdesk.


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Feb 17 2014

I choose it to be…


I promised to tell you about my ‘word for the year’ in this post, so here you have it:
my word is ADVENTURE!
Let me explain how I came to choose this word…


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Feb 10 2014

It’s been five weeks!

Five weeks!
I’ve been away from my blog for over five weeks!

What did I say in my last blogpost? I would take a blogbreak to “…handle and get rid of the the loose ends of the past year… Yah, right. But I certainly did not plan my break to last this long… Ah well, you know how it is. You read a book, do some cleaning, take a walk, cook a diner and before you know it weeks have gone by… and let me tell you already; my blogging will certainly show more gaps this year as 2014 will be the year of change for me. For one: we will definitely move houses. I don’t know where we will end up, but I’m sure the moving process in the near future will keep me from blogging yet again.

Anyway, we’re not that far yet so today I’m here. And yes, I DID get “rid of some loose ends of 2013.” I even created new art journal pages and started working on a new project as well…  not to forget that I also re-designed my website (it’s about finished, the old site will be replaced with the new later this week!) But let’s not reveal everything at once…

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Dec 16 2013

{I bound a} New Chronicles Art Journal!

Time flies, and we are only two weeks away from a brand new year!
Don’t worry now, I won’t bore you with ‘good-intentions-lists’ (which I have not) or wish-lists (which I have a lot) for the new year… instead, I show you the new journal I bound and that I will use as my weekly diary “Chronicles” art journal in the next year. After a year that was as dark as 2013 (at least to me it was) I thought it would be nice to create the 2014 Chronicles journal in vibrant and happy colours. Who knows, this I might even force the new year to actually BE nice to me! Sooo… a bright new journal it is – Look!


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Dec 9 2013

Afterglow and Chronicles

Last Friday, I taught a live workshop in Eindhoven at such a wonderful, inspiring, creative and enthusiast group of ladies that I came home with a bunch of energy… I am still glowing!!!

I did not take pictures myself, but some participants send me their photos this weekend. I made this impression-photo-collage with photos I got from “Mayaquilt.” Thank you so much Maya!


Because I wrote all sorts of ‘special’ blogposts last week (how to vote for the TOP 2000, a guest blogpost Creative Inheritance etc.) I did not show you my Chronicles art journal pages from a few weeks back…


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Nov 25 2013

Looking forward… (and latest ‘Chronicles’ pages)

A quick blogpost without much words… don’t worry – I’m doing OK and taking it slow…
I’m working on a canvas, in between I go for long walks and I am looking forward to this:

My “die hard followers” will recognize this blinkie… to all others: come back next week to find out more about it as the voting for the top 2000 2013 list starts then. Wanna know RIGHT NOW what I’m talking about? Then read this post from last year.

Today I plan to work on the canvas I started last weekend… but before I go I show you the latest spreads in the Chronicles Art Journal.


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