Oct 21 2013


Hello, hello there, sweeties!
I am a bit late with today’s post and in a minute I will share some odds and ends – but let me begin with something special – cover your ears please…







FEATURING reached its Thunderclap goal and just now the message and name was blasted out across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Oh, and I hope you have seen this review that Nathalie Kalbach wrote on her blog? WOWZAH, thank you Nat!!!

FEATURING magazine sure captured people’s attention! A major campaign starts now – read all about it HERE.


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Oct 14 2013

Promoting and Chronicles art journals (catching up)


I have been busy promoting the Thunderclap page of ‘my baby’ FEATURING magazine.
Next week, FEATURING will start a promotion Campaign that will run for at least three weeks and we want to start that campaign with a “Thundering clap”… but we need a lot of support to do that – 500 supporters, to be exactly.

At the moment,  our Thunderclap promo counts 155 supporters – so we are not even close to the goal…  Have you joined yet??? No??? Help me out here then!

Please support FEATURING magazine and donate a tweet or facebook status update here:






Not convinced that you should give your support yet?
Then maybe this blog post by Robin Walsh can give you just that last push to support us….


I did not have much time to be creative last week, but I do keep up with the Chronicles art journal. Come on in to view some older spreads from past weeks I had not published yet…


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Jun 26 2013

Tales from the Studio & woyww #212


I want to start this Wednesday post with some shameless promotion and a little bit of cheating – but I’m sure I’ll be forgiven when you see what I laid on my work desk on purpose today…

btw: I DID take a ‘non faked’ photo of my work desk too ;) see at the end of this post.


That’s right, the new FEATURING is OUT!!!! There is an interview with Julia Dunnit, founder and hostess of the blogseries What’s On Your Work desk, Wednesday (woyww) in this issue, illustrated by (as you can see) photos of work desks from participants**.

FEATURING is an international, printed magazine that is shipped all over the world.
You can purchase your copy HERE

**I want to thank all of you who helped promoting the magazine on your own blogs.
You’re the best, gals!!!

OK – on the the usual Into the Studio post then… although it is not that usual. Something changed in the room – come on in and I’ll show you..


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Jun 5 2013

Tales from the Studio & woyww #209


A lot to show, a lot to tell… and a busy day ahead so let’s get going…

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Mar 13 2013

Tales from the studio and woyww #197


Good morning, good morning from my studio where today my desk is filled with a bunch of gorgeousness… I’ll show you that – and more – in this post. Come on in.

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Dec 18 2012

Breath in, breath out…

That’s what I had to keep in mind last week – yes, there was a reason for
not blogging on Friday and it was for sure not a nice one…

A publisher’s worst nightmares happened: when FEATURING was
delivered from the printing office, it turned out that one of the pages
in the issue showed a huge printing fault. Therefore, we decided we could
not send it off to the customers. FEATURING stands for a high quality
magazine, not only in content but also in how it looks – the finishing.
We refuse to send our customers a magazine that shows an artwork that
is mutilated because of wrong printing. So we demanded the printing office
to start over and print the magazine again. That means that there will be
a delay and, because of the holidays, it will take almost a Month before
issue 3 will (again) come out.


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Dec 7 2012

We Did It (again!)

Pfew…. the next issue of FEATURING is at the printer’s office and will be
out next week! After the second issue took extra time to get out to the public,
I decided we should try hard to get back on track and in to the schedule…
So I whipped up the team and MAN, they did such a great job (or do you
think they were afraid I would punish them if they didn’t? ;) )

Well… they are not revolting yet so I guess they were OK with it
and we are all so proud of this issue! Take alone the cover:


Yeah, right – and now you want to know what’s inside I guess…
well, here you go:

Read a brief summary of the content HERE
A Glimpse inside this issue can be seen in the PREVIEW

And, last but not least, FEATURING has a surprise for all readers
who live outside Europe. The magazine managed to lower the shipping
costs for customers who purchase from outside Europe. Now that is
an extra reason to want to order an issue right away, isn’t it?
Well, go ahead, PRE-ORDER/BUY your issue now (I will wait…)


Done? YAY! Thanks!
On to the haiku then.
I searched for a ‘book title haiku’ that would celebrate the release
of issue 3 and – oh miracle – I found one too!


Het innerlijk vuur

Van schrijver tot boekenkast

De grote wereld

The Fire within

From Writer to Book Case

The big world

As always, I submit this haiku to Haiku my Heart Friday


Last Tuesday I announced my annual “Top 2000 Creative and Musical
Blog Party” – (hm, that’s what you get when you try to fit it all into the title)
- you can find the post here  on my blog. There was no room left
to show you any pages I made, so I do it now…

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