Jan 8 2013

Some cleaning and how I make my Chronicles


Hi there lovelies! Are you used to January yet?
The New Year finally has settled in my mind – but I’m still a bit confused about the “3″ in the number… it means I will turn 50 this year. Eeeckkk!

I suddenly got the jitters the other day to ‘clean up’ my blog but I guess that’s normal to want to start “clean” when a new year starts. For your information: If you look at the top menu (waaayyy on top) you will see I re-arranged my galleries and also added a new page. I’ll take you through it:

  • Home = obvious, you all know “Home” don’t you?
  • About = obvious too, learn more about me there.
  • Resume = I may have to work on that page. I’m not really sure what to do with it, what info goes/stays in, what goes out… I will think about it some more. For now I leave it as it is.
  • Blog series = a new page! This page will make it easy for you to find specific series of blogposts. I plan to do more ‘series’ on my blog in the future and if I do, I will add the links there.
  • Art Journals = galleries showing my various art journals.
  • Chronicles = special galleries for my Chronicles – I though I’d keep them together so you can find all the former “Chronicles” art journals there.
  • Other = well… ‘other’, like mono-types, ATCs, mail art and so on.

Besides re-arranging the top menu, I also made similar looking buttons that link to my website and social media pages… you can find them in the side menu. Before it was a bit messy with a little ‘twitter bird’, a facebook badge et cetera.


So far for the household notes – let’s move on to something creative shall we?

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