Dec 22 2013

TOP 2000: The Countdown Has Begun!

Only two nights sleep left, and then the Top 2000 will be broadcasted on the radio and my Creative & Musical Blog Party breaks out… the countdown has begon! The list with songs for 2013 was announced, so go find an inspiring song and start creating!

The Top 2000 list 2013 can be found HERE!
It is possible to download the list – the dates and broadcasting times are on those download-documents.

It is for the fifth (!) year already, that I host a “Top 2000 Creative & Musical Blog Party” on my blog in the last week of the year, and YOU are INVITED!


The Top 2000? What’s that?
The “top 2000″ is a BIG, annual event in the Netherlands on radio and television. From Christmas right to the New Year, the Radio 2 team in the Netherlands presents the 2000 favorite songs of the listeners. 24 hours a day! You can listen to this 156-hour musical marathon on the website or tune in on Radio 2.

Now you may think “Huh, a Dutch party.. what have I got to do with that?”
Well, my ‘Top 2000 Creative Blog Party” is not at all ‘Dutchies only’… each year, more and more international crafters and artists join in. After all, music is an international inspiration and we are all able to enjoy the music and create something (anything!) inspired by a song from the top2000 list.


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Nov 13 2013

Tales from the Studio and woyww #232


Is it Wednesday? Time flies.
Time to get into the studio then! Come on in and I show you a golden oldie scrapbook layout and of course you get to take a peek at my desk! Oh, and let’s throw in a brand new art journal page also…


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Nov 6 2013

Tales from the Studio and woyww #231


It is Wednesday again! I am a bit late today but I do not want to miss another woyww, so come on in to see a golden oldie scrapbook layout, a new art journal spread and of course a photo of my desk!


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May 8 2013

Tales from the Studio & woyww #205


I am a little late with my Wednesday blog post because my beloved and I decided to go for a long walk this morning. Later today, the weather will change and it will get colder and rainy – that is what the weather station predicts anyway – so off went and we had a nice hour-long stroll.

But I am back in the studio now with the usual: a golden oldie, collages and a picture of my work desk, so come on in!

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Apr 24 2013

Tales from the Studio & woyww #203


Spring seems to have found this area of the world, days are warmer and the sun shines – leading to me spending more time working in the garden than in the studio. However, I created two ‘longing’ collages last week… and my work desk is not as empty anymore. Come on in and have a look.

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Apr 1 2013

The BIG Road Trip ~ Delaware 2

If you’re new to The BIG Road Trip – all the information can be found on this page. Curious how this series came about? Find the ‘why’ in this first announcement post. All BIG Road Trip posts can be found archived here. If you want to submit a guest post about your state, or if you want to share state-related art, stories, inspiration or links, email me at bigroadtrip[at]maritspaperworld[dot]com


Delaware does not seem an inspiring state either.
You were awefully quiet – but later in the week, Donna Ruth send me an email…


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Jan 15 2013

Up my sleeve…

I have something up my sleeve.
I’m not ready to reveal it all just yet but in this post I present the start of something that hopefully will become a new blogpost series over the next weeks – and today, YOU are involved!

It’s simple…

On the photo you see my scrapbook albums… old and newer ones in random order on the shelf. The albums contain both spreads and ‘one page’ layouts – the number is stated on the photo.


Now YOU let me know which album I should open and which page I should post next week… I will review the layout on my blog, give my comments or explain the techniques, something like that.

It’s up to you now… make your pick and let me know in a comment!

See you all soon!