A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a Perfect Day is every way!
It ended with listening (3x) to the latest CD by Leonard Cohen,
the man who’s drawing I’d admired IRL that same afternoon.

I tell you all about it and there’s a lot of photos coming too,
starting with the one for Haiku my Heart Friday.

Bogen vangen licht

Vaarwel aan een mooie dag

rails brengt me weer thuis

Arches catch the light

Farewell to a perfect day

Train tracks lead back home

Written for ‘Haiku My Heart Friday’.
For more haiku and photos, visit Rebecca at Recuerda mi Corazon.

I had an appointment yesterday with a lawyer and  expert in copyright and
interviewed him for an article in FEATURING. You all know we art journalers
love to use pics from magazine, photos and quotes but are we allowed so?
What’s the risk in using those images? What are the ‘do’s and don’ts’ and what
does the law tells us about copyright? I learned all (well, not all, but a lot!)
about it after speaking 2.5 hours with him. My head spun when I stepped
out of his door and I’m glad I taped the whole interview so I can listen back
to everything he said and use it to write the article.

Nout was with me to take photos, the interview was held in Amsterdam (the
capital of the Netherlands) and since I had not been there in years, we spend
the rest of the afternoon in that city. Here’s that typical ‘Amsterdam view’

After the interview, we walked back to have lunch at the big  square in the
centre of the city (‘De Dam’.) Nout thought I looked gorgeous in my long,
leather coat so he took some photos of me at the ‘monument op de dam’.

I had read about an exhibition in Amsterdam and I was anxious to see it.
Nout agreed, as it was something he would love to visit too.
There was not much time left, but we took the bus to the ‘Westergasfabriek’
to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition is called
‘A Perfect Day’ and if you
are anywhere near Amsterdam
you should AB.SO.LU.TE.LY
go see it, and you better hurry,
’cause it is only open until Sunday,
February 26th, but MAN is it
worth the trip!!!

The names of all the exhibited artists
are on the image, click to enlarge

I can only show you a small
amount of what we saw, but
you can find more images and
all the information on the site


(Click ‘English’ at the top menu
for the translated version)

This exhibition is paradise for art journalers and here’s a selection of my faves.

Leonard Cohen

I think it was a linoleum print, I love how this self portrait
is made with just a few lines.


Paul Faassen

I don’t know if you can see what it is – click to enlarge. On the stage
to the left is a ‘rockband’. The singer asks ‘hebben jullie er zin in?’
(hard to translate, something like ‘Are you guys eager/feel like it?’)
This drawing was real big, and hang from the ceiling at the exhibition.
A lot of rock bands came to mind when I saw it (no, I won’t give names ;) )
and when I told Nout, we had a good laugh! This  drawing is major funny!

Mark Johns

Small drawings on post-its… a lot of post-its on the wall and
every one  of the small drawings is worth wile to look at.
Funny or pretty or ‘wise’ or philosophical – it’s all there!
Here’s one in close up.

“He made air quotes so often that eventually a pair of real quotes
materialized on either side of his head.”

I hate people who do that – make ‘airquotes’ I mean – so this yellow
post-it made me smile from ear to ear!

I don’t remember what the name of the artist was that made this big text-cloud,
but I thought it was a funny text and Nout made a photo of me ‘saying it’.

On our way back to the train station, I bought the latest CD from Leonard.
I’ve been wanting to buy it and now seemed the perfect time to actually step
into the music store, get my wallet and finally GET IT!

The light in the Amsterdam Central Station in the late afternoon was gorgeous
(see first photo) and Nout and I agreed that this was indeed A PERFECT DAY!

I wish you all a perfect weekend!
(Go see that exhibition now!)


  1. says

    Love this post! Great photos of what seems to be a fantastic exhibit! Nothing like the art in a large international city like Amsterdam. Your haiku nailed it perfectly and kind of exudes a peacefulness of resting a weary body while on the train ride home. You’ve been on your feet all day “doing” the city. Art exhibit, lunch, fun and laughter. Great fun.
    My Oh My, you are very attractive in that long coat!
    Thanks for a fun Perfect Day.
    I also love Leonard Cohen.

    Much Peace

  2. says

    I share your enthusiasm for all things Leonard Cohen.
    I am so glad you shared ALL of these photo, I enjoyed the mini art gallery :)
    And your haiku. is. perfect.

  3. says

    Your post today exudes joy from your most perfect day! It is a blessing to have them every so often, and realize our fortune. Thanks for sharing all that made it so. Beautiful haiku…great shots…and wonderful adventures!

  4. says

    Oh, knowing you had such a perfect day fills me up !!! You know why ? Because even if my day yesterday was less than perfect, there is always the hope that tomorrow will be. You just proved it ! How marvelous that you shared it with your talented son Nout !
    Love your yellow-y, perfect day post !
    Much love to you, my Beautiful friend !

  5. says

    How sweet to read about your Perfect Day with your precious Nout…Love the photos and the sunlight and the humor AND I thought of you when I saw LCohen’s new CD advertised on the TV

    May your weekend be Perfekt as well dear one!

  6. says

    Wat een leuke foto van je op De Dam!! (goed gedaan NOUT!!)
    Gezellig dat Nout mee kon!
    Die ‘MWOAH’ tekening vind ik zoooo leuk!! A perfect day… tja, heb nu gelijk dat nummer van Lou Reed in mijn hoofd…
    Fijn weekend!!

  7. says

    Awesome photos and lovely haiku ~ Thanks for sharing ‘your perfect day’ ~ glad you had a wonderful time ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. says

    Wat een leuke blogpost weer, Marit! Nout maakt echt geweldige foto’s, die van jou op De Dam is supergaaf!
    Leuk dat je ons meegenomen hebt naar de ‘Perfect Day’!
    En dat je de CD van Leonard gekocht hebt, verbaast me niks. Moest onmiddellijk aan je denken toen ik hoorde dat ie uit was ;-)

    Fijn weekend.

  9. says

    This is a perfect day and how fortunate for us all to get to share this train home with you! I love Amsterdam and have the fondest of memories of being there… And Leonard Cohen… he stirs my soul like no one else can and his humor, bad hat day! Ha! I loved having a peek at the other artists and look good speaking air quotes! Thanks Marit!

  10. says

    Yes, yes. A perfect day in many ways it sounds like. I will be curious to know more about the lawyer visit and what you learned about copyright law. I know in SoulCollage we are being very careful these days even though we never sell that work.

  11. says

    i adore your beautiful face below the caption!
    i imagine you will find many clever uses of this portrait from your perfect day.
    fantastic post!!!

  12. says

    Hooray for perfect days! It’s a long long time since I was in Amsterdam, we nearly booked to go there this summer for a Pearl Jam concert but went for Berlin instead as neither of us has been there before.

  13. says

    I love the post it art. I have a thing about air quotes, too. Add that to exclamation points. Look up Savage Chicken. It is a comic drawn on sticky notes. It’s a dry humor. Hopefully the humor is universal.

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