A Very Special (!) Tale from the Studio and woyww #234


I skipped blogging last Wednesday but today I am back with – as the title suggests – a very special tale from my studio… so put on the music and do the happy dance with me. This is what I am so happy about:


See that? That is my name there, on the index page of a book… and see all those numbers behind my name? They point to the pages I can be found. Pretty impressing huh?!! The ‘double pages’ in the book show photo’s of me and/or my work and the single numbers point to pages where a quote of me can be found…  I’ll show you some glimpses at the end of this post but there’s more to show today, so come on in and enjoy!

A “Golden Oldie” layout to start with…

(I don’t create ‘traditional scrapbook layouts’ anymore but every Wednesday I dive into my albums and lift a ‘golden oldie.’ The layouts I pick are random, YOU – blog readers – name the number of the album and layout to show. Let me know in a comment which album you want me to open next week – to avoid that you name layouts that have already been requested, you can find a list showing the ‘free’ numbers to choose from on this page.

This request came from Bonnie Leukert. Bonnie found me/my blog via my facebook page, and she choose album 7 – layout 11 as her birthday is July 11th.

Mother & Son


Isn’t this the sweetest layout? Maybe a bit too sweet for my likes – I do not like using flowers in my work at all… and I honestly don’t know where this came from… but the layout dates December 2007 and I tried all kinds of things back then… that should explain it. My son was 15 at the time this photo was taken and it’s one of my fave pictures. He is now 21 years old and has a beard, ha! (Which makes me think: I should have our photo taken again, before he shaves that beard off.)

And here is a photo of my desk how it looked this morning… well, I cheated a little bit because the Mixed Media book wasn’t there (the rest was.) I placed the book on the table on purpose. The photo is taken for “What’s On My Work Desk? Wednesday.” WOYWW is  and event where crafty and artistic individuals around he world share pictures of their desks. Never heard of it? Hmmm… hop on over to Julia’s blog Stamping Ground to find out then ’cause everyone is invited to join.

WOYWW #234


And here… as promised… a glimps of “my” pages in the book.
(…and no, I don’t own two copies of the book… I ‘tricked’ this photo to show both spreads.)


The book is titled: The Mixed-Media Artist [Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams from Over 40 Amazing Artists] and this group of artists is brought together in the book by Seth Apter from The Altered Page. There are indeed fabulous artists in this book and I find it very inspiring to see and read about all those inspirational individuals who share their thoughts, dreams and works. I am so proud to be published in their amazing company!

One last thing: I joined Free Art Friday on facebook…


Here’s a bit of an explanation coming from SCOTT WONG, the artist who owns/runs the Free Art Friday – Wisconsin page.

“This is it. The revolution of all revolutions. The movement of all movements. The day where every street corner in every community in every city within every state is flooded with art.

[…] On Friday, Nov. 29th, 2013 a.k.a. BLACK FRIDAY, I want every creator, every artist, every painter, every photographer and sculptor, inker and anyone else who does even the faintest idea of art participating. […] Do a piece of art and leave it on the streets in a public spot for a random stranger to find, take home and love.[…]”

I like the idea so I am making a piece of art that I will leave on a public place for someone to take home for free next Friday…

Wish you all a beautiful and artful day!


  1. says

    I am so doing the artist Black Friday. I am going to share this with my neighbor. It sounds fun.

    Congrats, my friend, on the publication. There is no doubt that you are noteworthy.

  2. says

    Fantastisch zeg, gepubliceerd in het boek van Seth!! Iets om rete trots op te zijn hoor!! En nu ga je vrijdag ook nog een kunstwerk op een publieke plaats neerleggen voor degene die dit als eerste vindt… SUPER!

  3. bonnie leukert says

    Thanks for posting 7/11. Enjoyed the story behind it, and I already have the book on order. I know I will enjoy your pages as well as all the other fabulous artists! Greetings from Oconomowoc, WI where the temperature is only 9 degrees (F) this morning.

  4. Lunch Lady Jan says

    Congrats on being featured in a book, especially the double page spreads!! I love the pic of you and your 15 year old son…..so sweet!
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  5. says

    Congrats! Oh my, that’s Seth’s new book…how cool…I didn’t realize you were in that one! Oh wow! Another reason to keep it on my wish list…moving to the top! Appreciative hugs! Nan G #21

  6. says

    I love your enthusiasm Marit, as I love the wonderful art, tutorial and thoughts you contributed to the book. And how cool that you created that shot with two books! Amazing :-)

  7. says

    Wat een heerlijk vrolijke post van jou Marit en wat een geweldige eer dat je kunstwerken gepubliceerd zijn in dit boek!! Wat een leuk initiatief zeg Black Friday en super dat je ook wat van je kunst achterlaat op straat. Ook leuk om te lezen dat je weer een top 2000 organiseert, ik doe mee!!

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