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It’s Friday, it’s time for another haiku!
Rebecca, who usually hosts the ‘Haiku my Heart Friday’ circle,
wasn’t there to post last week and I don’t know if she will come up
with a haiku-post and list of participants this week either.
But even if she don’t; I make it into MY haiku-Friday anyhow.

Remember the book-title haiku from last week?
Remember I stated that there was more haiku on the shelves?
Here’s the second one I found.

(I found a lot more, so the ‘book-title-haiku’ is turning into a series
and will go on for quite a while. I’ll post the photos/haiku every Friday
on my blog and facebook)

Valse verwachting

Brieven uit Nergenshuizen

Opgeraapt aan zee

False expectations

Letters from Nowherecity

Gathered at the shore

OK, the English version is sort of a free translation to make it a haiku.

  • The original English title of the first book, by Naomi Wolf,
    is Misconceptions.
  • The second title is translated more or less correct, because
    the name of the town in the title is non-existing (the translator
    programme gave ‘Anycity’ but I made ‘Nowherecity’ out of it.
    That’s about the same isn’t it?)
  • The third title should be picked up at the seaside but that doesn’t
    sound as poetic as the Dutch sentence.. and by translating it more
    freely I got it fitting!

If Rebecca is back this week, she will post the list of participants here

My Muse returned.
I don’t know where she’s been and what she did,
but she does need a lot of sleep since she returned.
What do you make of that?
Did she go on a survival trip?
Did she run the marathon?

Anyway, she woke up to help me create the next art journal spread.

The Chronicles of Marit 2012 – Week 43
(click on the image to enlarge)

And – last but not least – I have an exciting announcement to make.

Mixed Emotions Art Journaling Workshop is coming!

A Six-Week online Art Journaling Workshop
taught by Marit Barentsen and Michelle Rydell
Feb. 4 – March 14, 2013


Mixed Emotions is a class that I developed together with Michelle LaPoint
. We taught it in 2010 and were really happy with the reviews we got
that first time around. Participants in my last weeks’ workshops asked about
it because they were dying to take this online workshop too, so I contacted
Michelle and she was excited to teach this workshop for a second time.
We’ve decided to run it live again in February. I hope you will join us!

You can find all the info on the website here but I’ll tell you some basics
to start the (your) drooling ;)

Art journaling focuses on putting your personal thoughts and emotions
on paper
- and you don’t always have to use words to do that! Even if
you’re not a writer
you can create meaningful art journal pages; because
an emotion can be expressed
through a photograph, a color, a material
or a particular technique.

In this workshop we will explore one specific emotion each lesson;
and take that
emotion as the basis to create a personal art journal page.
You are encouraged to explore your inner world, your perception
of your emotions, and turn them into art journal pages.
Each lesson also
explains a different technique, step-by-step, through
photos or an instructional video.

“Mixed Emotions” includes:

  • 12 lessons with assignments in pdf format. Techniques will be
    clearly shown through photos or demonstrated on video.
    Both beginners and advanced art journalers will find pleasure
    in working with the lessons.
  • Access to inspirational videos to inspire you and help your
    creative juices flow.
  • Extra printable collage sheets with photos, illustrations and
    quotes to use in your work.
  • Access to a private group discussion forum where you may
    share, ask questions and interact with the teacher and other
    class participants.
  • Access to group albums for posting your completed assignments
    and seeing what others have done.

Price is:  € 35.00  (translates to approx $45.28 US)
For more info or to register click here.

Last week, I bought some new material to play with and I hope to be
able to wake up The Muse and get her excited… I’ll be back on Tuesday
to report… enjoy your weekend dear ones!



  1. says

    OMG, love the dark purple page and your beautiful handwriting in white, what a lovely page. Can’t understand the writing, but the art, I do get! :-) And I like the haiku-book-idea too, such a cool idea. Poetry is awesome when you take the time for it.

  2. says

    Well, I hope your sleepy muse has lots of goodies to share with you, now that she has returned !
    This book title haiku is so brilliant and creative. You are so awesome, Marit !
    This week has been hard here. The weather, the damages and suffering that so many people close to us in ajoining states are experiencing, and the loss in our own family. Reaching out for and then receiving the love from so many has felt so good for my achy heart. I am grateful for yours from across the sea.
    May this weekend be full of creative juiciness, Beautiful !
    light and love !

  3. says

    Fijn dat je je mojo weer terug hebt! Je chronicles ziet er weer fraai uit. Mooie kleurencombi! En wat betreft Mixed Emotions…. Ik ben er bij!

  4. says

    Hi Dear Marit,
    I just received issue two of FEATURING and am loving it as much as issue one!! Beginning with the gorgeous cover to the amazing contents and ending with those fabulous inchies, your Issue#2 is another winner!!! Your muse may have taken a nap but it was in full swing for FEATURING!!! hugs, Jill

  5. anne g-i says

    Am very excited to hear your news about Mixed Emotions! I really enjoyed the workshop! You and Michelle make a great team!

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