Bottles, pen trays, hands
and chronicles

Remember I started to draw the ‘EDM-drawing-challenges‘ in July?
I started enthusiastic and made 4 drawings that first week, but then
I stopped. Assignments got in the way and I also experimented with
other techniques during the Summer. Also, I wanted to do every EDM
challenge in the right order and skip none… BUT, I got stuck at prompt
number 5: ”Draw your bed.’

It is not that I don’t want to draw my bed or show it to you, but our
bedroom has no chair and I could not get myself to sit on the ground
and draw my bed. The only prompt I drew last Summer was #10 –
‘Draw your hand’, as that prompt fitted beautiful with the Quirky Dutch
Summer challenge I had going.

Last week, I decided I would skip the ‘bed prompt’ and get myself to drawing
again. No more excuses or delays. Just grab a pencil and DO IT!

(Click on each image to enlarge)

I used a soft graphite pen for this one, but the pen stains a lot and it is
hard(er) to get the details right. The bottle drawing is therefore not very
good, but at least I was on my way again!

EDM #6 – Draw a bottle, jar or tin from the kitchen

“When my uncle and aunt came to visit me a few years ago, they brought
this bottle of ‘Pure Water from Zeeland’ as a present. All that time I kept
the bottle unopened in a corner of the kitchen sink. Just to look at it. I need
to clean the bottle often because it is getting quite greasy, next to the stove,
but I don’t mind that. The liquid that is inside will probably not be drinkable
anymore. We don’t even dare to try. The bottle just stands there.”

Next is a pen tray my son made. I got the proportion on this drawing
totally wrong! The left tray is way too large compared to the other two
trays. I wasn’t concentrating enough and wanted it done. Better stop
next time when I feel that way, nothing good comes from ‘hurrying to
get it done.’ I know that by now, but every now and then I fall into that
trap all over. This drawing is a warning!

EDM #7 – Draw your favorite well-loved object


“[Drawn] A bit out of proportion.
This is the pen tray that my son made in the first class of L.C.L.*
It’s a nice seventies design, with those typical colours.

*The school system in Europe is different from the USA system.
The ‘first class’ I am talking about is similar to 7th grade, Junior High School.

And this drawing was made a Month ago for Quirky Dutch Summer #9
‘Blind drawing’

EDM #10 – Draw your hand or hands

I hope I will be able to make more drawings every now and then,
but my brain needs to be on a special mindset to start on a drawing.
We’ll see what (and when) the next one will be…

Here’s something that I never skip or walk away from…
my weekly art journal spread!

The Chronicles of Marit 2012 – Week 35

(Size: 24,5 x 49 cm – 9.65 x 14.86 inch)

The ‘borders’ on the left and image on the right are a detail from a painting
by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The image on the bottom (next to the
reptile eye) is a piece of Aboriginal art

I hope you all have a lovely week, I’ll be back on Friday with something
fun and special!


  1. says

    ha – snap! I got stuck at the bed prompt too so I only did EDM #1 through #4

    I should skip it like you, but my OCD would kill me :) So I do plan to at least try the bed drawing thing…. life’s a bit busy right now but I will, I will

    Your hand drawing is excellent – I really suck at hands

  2. says

    Leuk hoor die tekeningen. Als een tekening niet wil/kan, gewoon overslaan. Werkt als een tierelier. Of staand tekenen, er zijn mensen die dat heel goed kunnen (ben ik er niet een van trouwens). Zelf heb ik destijds (vorig jaar mei) gewoon een stoel naar mijn slaapkamer gesleept.

  3. says

    I picked up a brush today. It felt good. It was the first time I painted something other than a rock in quite awhile.
    Need to get back to what feels good.
    Hugs, Beautiful Marit !
    Happy drawing !

  4. says

    Just love your drawings Marit- especially since you are being directed on what to draw- rather than having the art generated from your own inspiration. That takes focus and determination which I greatly admire. I think your handwriting is equally beautiful with your drawings- the coupling is the perfect companion for them! You are such an inspiration.xo

  5. phinner says

    I forgot to tell you I love your carved stamps! (I’m working backwards reading your posts!) Just Do I! And you did!!! Drawing is hard for me! Takes a lot of concentration, I like how you described it as being in the “special mind set”!

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