woyww #329 & Chronicles


I saw it coming... I kinda felt it already but it stayed dormant for quite a while until last week, when that nasty virus burst out and grabbed me by the throat. Yep, I caught a heavy cold. Now of course I knew what to expect (sore throat, coughing, running nose) and it was all there, but there was … [Read more...]

woyww #328 & more


An Art Fair on Saturday, a visit to the dental hygienist on Monday, a day spend with friends in my 'old town' Eindhoven yesterday, a visit to the dentist this morning... my days were full and my desk stayed untouched most of the time with one exception:  the turquoise plastic coated paper underneath … [Read more...]

Art journal pages – Chronicles – Week 33 & 34


Today will well be the last sunny Summer-like day of the year in Zeeland. That's the reason I keep this blogpost short and sweet so that I have the afternoon left for 'enjoy-the-weather' activities. I didn't spend much time in my atelier the last week, but I do have some old(er) art journal pages to … [Read more...]

Who, what, where am I?


Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Those are big question, don't you think? It's kinda funny/weird/scary (strike out what does not apply) that I made this art journal page a couple of weeks ago, and soon after I took a workshop SoulCollage. SoulCollage has everything to do with introspection and … [Read more...]

Paint Session with my Dad


Days fly by, Summer is over and this first September week started with various weather... a strange combination of beautiful, rather warm hours followed by gray skies and a lot of rain, sometimes on the same day. Yesterday I planned to take the bus to my parents house for my 'date with dad.' (I … [Read more...]

Textured Paper and Illustrative Art Journaling


My friend Lena and I went to a workshop SoulCollage yesterday evening at In Beeld (in Middelburg) and I'm still a bit impressed what the evening brought me... On my wish-list ('themes' and ideas I want to work with in the near future) that hangs on my window sill I noted "do something with … [Read more...]