Some cleaning and how I make my Chronicles


  Hi there lovelies! Are you used to January yet? The New Year finally has settled in my mind - but I'm still a bit confused about the "3" in the number... it means I will turn 50 this year. Eeeckkk! I suddenly got the jitters the other day to 'clean up' my blog but I guess that's normal … [Read more...]

Breath in, breath out…


That's what I had to keep in mind last week - yes, there was a reason for not blogging on Friday and it was for sure not a nice one... A publisher’s worst nightmares happened: when FEATURING was delivered from the printing office, it turned out that one of the pages in the issue showed a huge … [Read more...]

We Did It (again!)

cover issue 3

Pfew.... the next issue of FEATURING is at the printer's office and will be out next week! After the second issue took extra time to get out to the public, I decided we should try hard to get back on track and in to the schedule... So I whipped up the team and MAN, they did such a great job (or … [Read more...]

Lost and Found


Last week, I received a comment on a forum where I have my art in galleries. When I went there to look to what page the comment was referring, it turned out that it was the very first 'Chronicles spread' I ever made. Some lady said she really loved it! I had not seen this spread myself for a … [Read more...]