Buried treasure: Watching the world go by


Last weekend I received a message from my niece Lisa, the daughter of my brother who lives in Canada. Lisa got interested in her family history lately and she asked me if I knew something about it and if I  could share some stories... When I picked up scrap booking (back in 2006) I started by … [Read more...]

Tales from theStudio and woyww #237


  It is the last Wednesday this year that I will share my desk... because next week, on X-mas day, all hell will break loose on my blog as the Top 2ooo Musical Blog Party starts December 25th! (And as far as you did not know yet: YOU too are invited to join the party!) But today is still … [Read more...]

A Very Special (!) Tale from the Studio and woyww #234


  I skipped blogging last Wednesday but today I am back with - as the title suggests - a very special tale from my studio... so put on the music and do the happy dance with me. This is what I am so happy about: See that? That is my name there, on the index page of a book... and see all … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio and woyww #232


  Is it Wednesday? Time flies. Time to get into the studio then! Come on in and I show you a golden oldie scrapbook layout and of course you get to take a peek at my desk! Oh, and let's throw in a brand new art journal page also... Let us start with a "Golden Oldie" … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio and woyww #231


  It is Wednesday again! I am a bit late today but I do not want to miss another woyww, so come on in to see a golden oldie scrapbook layout, a new art journal spread and of course a photo of my desk! Let us start with a "Golden Oldie" layout. (I don't create 'traditional … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio and woyww #230


  I wasn't around last Wednesday but I am in the studio today, so come on in to hear my tale (and see my latest art.) As always: let's start with showing you a "Golden Oldie" (I don't create 'traditional scrapbook layouts' anymore but every Wednesday I dive into my albums and … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio and woyww#228


  *****Please support FEATURING magazine. Donate a tweet or facebook status update here: http://thndr.it/15OjQip Today is another Wednesday so grab a cup of tea - or maybe hot chocolate - curl up on the couch and listen to my...    .. "Golden Oldies" (I don't create … [Read more...]