Project Mailart Books


A while ago (to be precise: in a post on February 12) I told you about the "Project Mailart Books" I participated in... I finished the booklet and send it back to Ed Hansen, the guy who started the project. Last week, he published photos of my book on the website (along with the books of the other … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio & woyww #215


  Wednesday... "Into the Studio" day... WOYWW day... here we go! Here's Wednesday's golden oldie scrapbook layout – lifted from one of my old scrapbook albums. (I don't create 'traditional scrapbook layouts' anymore but every Wednesday I dive into my albums and lift a 'golden … [Read more...]

New toys


Last week, I was at the Kreadoe, a huge arts and crafts supply fair. (Caatje published photos of the Kreadoe fair on her blog if you want to take a look and drool over supplies... I'm glad to say that on the day I went it was not as crowded as on Caatje's photos!)  I had no plans to go at first … [Read more...]



This is a short blogpost. An 'interlude' so to speak. Time flies and I'm sort of fluttering behind it. I am glad I saved some 'oldies' to show you when the day would come that I have nothing new to show. Because I didn't even had time to finish my 'chronicles spread', that day is … [Read more...]

Quirky Dutch Summer – Appendix


The 'Quirky Dutch Summer' series has come to an end, but here is a reminisce (or 'appendix' if you like.) You might remember post #2 about mail art? A lot of you send me your 'snail mail art' and everyone who did, received something back from me. In this post I show you all the art I received … [Read more...]