Tales from the Studio and woyww #245


  Now that I'm back to blogging I of course am back on Wednesdays too with a 'Tale from the Studio' - including a photo of my workdesk (hello WOYWW-ers - good to see you again!!!) In this case, even two photos! Come on in and I'll take you for a tour... I told you already: my … [Read more...]

Tales from theStudio and woyww #237


  It is the last Wednesday this year that I will share my desk... because next week, on X-mas day, all hell will break loose on my blog as the Top 2ooo Musical Blog Party starts December 25th! (And as far as you did not know yet: YOU too are invited to join the party!) But today is still … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio and woyww #232


  Is it Wednesday? Time flies. Time to get into the studio then! Come on in and I show you a golden oldie scrapbook layout and of course you get to take a peek at my desk! Oh, and let's throw in a brand new art journal page also... Let us start with a "Golden Oldie" … [Read more...]

Found Poetry Friday #5


  I love poetry. I am especially fond of 'found poetry', and I mean found in all its forms... found in book titles, found in magazines, on book pages, cut out words and sentences - you name it. There is so much possible when it comes to 'found poetry'... and this kind of poetry is also … [Read more...]

Get It On! {Monoprints}


  Art, and especially art journaling, can be very therapeutic and healing. In the mids of time when I was in a very dark place, I shut down. I was completely absent-minded and could not even see a pen or brush. However, the moment I saw a little light around me, my art journals were the … [Read more...]