Tales from the Studio and woyww #246


  Thanks everyone, for the nice compliments about my newly-designed website (for the ones who haven't seen it yet: I re-newed and re-designed my website. I also transfered the 'about' page, other information and the photoalbums with my art work from my blog to my website.) Today is … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio and woyww #245


  Now that I'm back to blogging I of course am back on Wednesdays too with a 'Tale from the Studio' - including a photo of my workdesk (hello WOYWW-ers - good to see you again!!!) In this case, even two photos! Come on in and I'll take you for a tour... I told you already: my … [Read more...]

Tales from theStudio and woyww #237


  It is the last Wednesday this year that I will share my desk... because next week, on X-mas day, all hell will break loose on my blog as the Top 2ooo Musical Blog Party starts December 25th! (And as far as you did not know yet: YOU too are invited to join the party!) But today is still … [Read more...]