woyww #315 and folded booklets


Finally, finally.... I can show you what I was working on for so long. Remember that I kept something hidden on my desk in the past months, telling you it was a commission-project? I am allowed to reveal it now, and I will tell you all about it later in this post. First, let's have a look what is on … [Read more...]

woyww #314 and the Documented Life Project #19


Good morning, good morning Deskers and other beautiful people! It's Wednesday, and I have another desk-photo for you (and more... keep reading.) You probably think the atelier (and desk) will look organized; clean and decluttered because I told you I was going to do that... but nope, it's still the … [Read more...]

woyww #312 – 6th Year Anniversary!!


Good morning, good morning deskhoppers... and congratulations JULIA with this sixth year anniversary. MyOhMy... 6 years of woyww-posts, 6 years of artists making photos of their desk and posting them to their blogs, 6 years of link-lists on Julia's blog... that's quite a long time! I joined this … [Read more...]

woyww #309 & Russian constructivism


Last Sunday was Middelburg Boekenstad ('Middelburg Booktown') in the town I live. An event that I heard of months ago... and since my art journals are books - even hand bound books - I had the nerve to contact the local bookstore to tell them about my art journals. They offered me a space in the … [Read more...]

woyww #308 & published!


Good morning beautiful people! Did you come here to peek at my desk? You're in the right place then, 'cause today is another What's On Your Work desk Wednesday and you know what that means don't you. (Oh, you don't? WOYWW is a blog-series hosted by Julia from the UK. Artists from all over the world … [Read more...]