Hello again, hello

Just called to say: hello
I couldn’t sleep at all tonight
And I know it’s late
But I couldn’t wait
my friend

~Neil Diamond~

Hahaa… there you are! Here I am!
No, it’s not late and a sleepless night had nothing to do with it either… I just found it time to start saying HELLO again to all of you. That is, if you are still around because I was away from blog land for 3 weeks-and-some. Wow, that was a long break, wasn’t it?

I did not hang on the couch all the time (well, I may have done that too but not too much, you must believe me here.) I worked on several things that brought a smile to my face – and I hope it will make you smile too – so let me inform you of my plans ánd spoil you with some new art. Come on in!

For one: I changed my bloglook.
Right. You saw that already.
The top menu is much more logical now – especially the ‘gallery section’ with the side menu for art journals.

Next… I reflected on my blogging and came up with solutions that will make it a bit easier on my part to keep coming up with fun blogposts during busy times. The solution? I will write three blogposts a week.


Yeah, right. Now you probably think “what’s that for a solution?” but really, it is (or at least I think it will be) because I will add  ‘blogseries.’ Having certain blogpost-topics will serve as a guidance so that I don’t have to think about every blogpost from scratch and can even write parts of it up front. So what can you expect?

On Wednesdays, I will come up with “Tales from the Studio”

One recurring topic in this series will be the reflection on an old layout. Remember this post? I’ll show you an old(er) layout from one of my albums and react on it. My ‘reaction’ can be anything: from new ideas that the layout evokes to techniques, used on the layout or… whatever. What do you think? It sounds like fun to me! What else will there be to write/read about? Well, as you know I have a studio now so it should not be difficult to come up with ‘a tale’ and/or show what I’m working on. I guess I will ‘grow into it’ along the way so I just start on Wednesday and see how it goes in the following weeks.

I will be blogging on Fridays too…


I once called it “Freewheelin’ Friday” and, although I won’t be giving it a name anymore, the blogposts on Friday will be sort of freewheeling indeed. In the upcoming weeks you can for one  expect more book title haiku, because I still am not done with shoving books around and combining titles.

Oh, and if you click on the badge, you will be directed to all the former posts that contain ‘book title haiku’.

And then there’s…. Mondays.

And BOY… do I have a fun series/event in mind!!
I keep it a secret for a bit more but I’m super excited about this ‘event’ that will include artists, inspiration, music and (virtual) travel – to name a few.

That’s all I can say about it for now – today I will use the rest of  this Monday post to show you some of my Chronicles art journal pages I made over the last weeks. Enjoy!

The Chronicles – Week 2

The Chronicles – Week 3

The Chronicles – Week 4

Thanks for not forgetting about me and stopping by today.
It’s good to be back!


  1. says

    Welcome home !!! It’s good to hear your voice again, and see all the goodies you have come up with. Your new plan sounds awesome and full of Marit goodness. I can’t wait to see what is in store on Mondays.
    By the way, that black journal page blows me away ! I love love love its organic quality !
    I will see you later this week.
    Much love to you, Blogging Wonder !

  2. says

    Heeeeyyy Marit, welcome back!!! Fijn dat je er weer bent hoor!! Ben heel benieuwd naar je nieuwe plannen!
    Las in je Chronicles over je moeder, is alles goed gegaan? Met Marius ook? En leeft de auto nog ;-)


  3. says

    Drie weken niet bloggen is wel heel erg lang voor jou;););) leuk dat je er weer bent, je blog ziet er mooi uit en weer prachtig werk te zien!

  4. says

    very cool blog change, love the new cleaner look. So much easier to organize too. Great idea to do posts in a sort of a theme, easier to come up with blog ideas. Congrats Marit. (I’ll be emailing later this evening!)

  5. says

    Oh my friend! I didn’t even know you were gone because I have been going through something similar to what you wrote about in your last post. My new years resolution was time management. I have very poor time management. And with that, I found, comes proirities. I have to prioritize things, so I am not always behind. So, for a long time, I just put up one post a week for the WOYWW. Now, I am starting to blog more often, and visit!! I haven’t been to any blogs in months!!!!
    Looks like we were both in a similar place. But now we have figured it out! At the same time!!! I swear we must be related!!! LOL!!
    Glad you are back and glad you figured stuff out!
    I will be emailing you soon!!

  6. says

    Yeah! You are back…Must say; 3 Posts a week is a lot for me. I am glad to manage 1 everey two weeks! ;-)
    Have a great weekend! – Irma

  7. says

    Welkom terug Marit….(ook al ben je al een tijdje terug)ik was nog niet langs geweest dus..welkom!
    Gave chronicles weer!!Prachtig al die kleuren en je journaling is altijd zo mooi!En de achtergronden, ook al zo veel moois om naar te kijken! Ik zie steeds nieuwe dingen.
    Wow, 3 x bloggen per week…dat vind ik veel hoor ;) ben benieuwd wat je voor ons in petto hebt, vast gave dingen!
    je blog ziet er fantastisch uit! ik ga snel verder lezen in je blog berichtjes. Fijn weekend!!

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