Mermaids and bare feet

Have you seen the “One World One Heart” post on top of my blog?
If you haven’t read that yet, you should!
OWOH is an awesome event, and you can still jump on the bandwagon
if you like. (and even if you don’t participate in OWOH, if you leave me
a comment on my OWOH post you have as much chance  as everyone else
to win my giveaway!)

I’m still working my way down on the OWOH list of participants, and these
passed days my heart was filled with beautiful art, amazing inspiration
and lovely words. There are so many talented women out there!

I came across a colourful garden girl
I walked along the beach with a sealovin’ gypsy
I stumbled upon a creative dancer
I fell in love with this magical mermaid

and I met many, many other mixed media artists, art journalers,
doll makers, storytellers and kindred souls!

In between bloghopping, I did make some art journal pages too!


This is an oldie, from a week ago, but I haven’t had the chance to show it yet.

The chronicles of Marit – week 4

I don’t know what it is with this page exactly, but I don’t like it very much.
Is it the plain colour? The white piece with the little man that I tore out of
the manual from my Ikea drawer? The black text? I added extra yellow dots,
but that still didn’t do the trick for me.

And then I left it alone. Oh well – there’s another week. THIS ONE!
And I can assure you (’cause I’m already working on it) this week’s page
is going to be awesome!

I made two (!) pages for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal

This year, the prompts are kind of neat! If you followed the Gutter Girlz
challenge blog you may remember that there were 3 things that made up
the challenges. Rachel shut down the GG-blog, but incorporated this way
of challenging into these art journal prompts. So you can use one, two or
all three to make your art journal page.

This was the prompt on January 15

THE SONG: Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer

Journaling: Enjoy your life now.
For too long I sat on my butt, hoping that my world would change. I knew
that wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t take action, but Oh well – that was too
much trouble and I just hadn’t the nerve, until it was enough. I stood up.
I took action. I started doing the things I love. No  more fears anymore.

(I jotted this down on the page right away, and didn’t think much about
the English spelling and grammar… As I type this, it strikes me that there are
quite a few mistakes in the text. Those things happen I guess, when English is
not your native language…

And here’s my take on the prompt from January 30

THE SONG: Butterflies & Hurricanes by Muse

I just bought me water soluble oil crayons when I started this page!
I played with those on the background. Some acrylic paint to make the
colors brighter. I found this awesome old stamp on a flea market once
(I guess it was from a company or store – to number the articles maybe?)
It changes the numbers automatically (counting up) when you stamp!
My beloved figured out how it worked exactly, ’cause I didn’t have a clue :D
I stamped from the year I was born up till now and I used sentences from
the lyrics. Since a few years, I feel pretty good, and my life couldn’t get
any better… It sure feels like ‘my time is now’!

This next page isn’t finished yet. I used the instructions that Julie put
on the Art Journal Every Day blog. For each day of the week, she
indicated a task that will take around ten minutes work in your journal.
For this, she divided art journalers into five categories:
painty – wordy – collage-ish – scrapbook-ish – doodler

If you start on Friday and work for 10 minutes on the page every day,
you end up with one page after a week. I went along with the ‘painty’
instructions, but I only started yesterday so I haven’t got a page done.
I completed two of her instructions:

1. Prep a page. (I always use gesso to prepare my pages!)
2. Apply acrylic paint with a credit card.  Scratch into it with a toothpick.

This is a totally new approach for me, I never work like this.
I don’t know what to think of this page yet, but it’s good to step out
of my comfort zone. We’ll see where this leads to…

But so you see: Art Journal Every Day is not only fun and educational for
beginners, it offers inspiration and new ways to explore to experienced
art journalers too! I highly recommend this free and fun blog!

Yep, this was another long post. What’s new?!
Thanks for hearing my rambling on Friday again.
Take care, have a nice weekend and see you next week!

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  1. says

    I am glad you are trying something new. I like the girl on the brown page. I also like how you extended the boards from the pier onto the journaling page. Nice technique.

  2. Chris Aiton says

    What inspiring journal pages! Love the bare feet – my favorite way to be! Very cool that you are experimenting with some new techniques – looking forward to seeing what you create. AND your English is excellent – I should follow your example and write some of my blogposts in Spanish – sorry I don’t know Dutch but I did pick up a Dutch/English dictionary at the used book store where I work. Have a super weekend!

  3. Denise N. says

    Your art journal creations are beautiful. Love the relaxed feeling of the Enjoy Your Life page.

  4. Julie Tucker-Wolek says

    Your work always AMAZES me Marit! I love love love that “your number has been called” page!! STUNNING!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. says

    Well you’ve had a really productive week so far Marit!! I like feet – a lot – in photos. That’s such a cool page… and then the dates with the industrial stamp – very cool! If I am merely journalling for fun, I use an office stamp to date my pages, with “delivered” before the date!!
    I haven’t had time this week to try Julie’s AJED prompts, but I really like how your spread has started, so I shall try that too!
    Have a super weekend and don’t change your grammar – it’s really lovely – and very “Marit”!

  6. says

    Jij bent lekker bezig geweest zeg! Mooie artjournals weer. Vooral de Time pagina vind ik leuk! De laatste pagina die je begonnen bent met de instructies van AJED ziet er al geweldig uit! Leuke tekening! Ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat. Ik ben er eindelijk ook eens mee begonnen (ook later in de week) heb nog geen idee wat het gaat worden! Fijn weekend!

  7. says

    mooi werk weer marit! ik ben weg van de ‘now’ pagina…prachtige kleuren en foto! als ik de foto zie krijg ik zo’n zin in de zomer…bah het is vandaag weer zo’n grijze dag! de ‘time’ pagina vind ik ook super, lekkere felle kleuren!
    fijne zondag!

  8. says

    Hey Marit,

    Thanks so much for you fun comment on The House of Art’s OWOH post. Emme and I really had a good time putting it all together. I hope you’ll consider becoming a member (it’s free and always will be).

    I checked out the mermaid blog you referenced. WOW. Thanks for pointing me toward that. Really beautiful.

    I don’t art journal myself, but I admire it. I’m really drawn to the blue page with the dots around the feet. Love the message too – enjoy your life now. Thanks for the reminder. It’s so easy to forget that!


  9. says

    Goh, wat ziet het er allemaal weer prachtig uit, Marit! Vooral die Enjoy Your Life Now pagina vind ik helemaal top! Die foto doet me zo naar de zomer verlangen! En die journaling spreekt me heel erg aan, zo ben ik ook. Plannen maken om iets nieuws te beginnen en er dan vervolgens niets mee doen..
    Ik hoop dat HET moment bij mij ook zal komen!


  10. says

    Marit! You never dissappoint!!! I LOVED seeing those inspiring blogs, and of course your art journal pages are amazing!!
    I itended to start the art journal every day today, but life…..not always what we think! Anyway, I promise to get to it very soon! At least I am on time (so far) AYITLOAAJ. LOVE your example!!

    Miss you my friend!

  11. says

    I love your journal pages! I believe you have inspired me…My sister found her husand in the Netherlands…Amsterdam, they’ve been married 21 years :)

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