Chronicles – Weeks 1, 2 & 3

Monday morning and yet another week has gone by... time flies and I find myself in week 5 of the year, working on the 'week 4 spread' in my Chronicles art journal. I spend a lot of time in my atelier last week, hitting the turbo mode and creating all kind of stuff (like Zentangling... that's a contradiction isn't it, to zentangle in 'turbo mode,' but I do!) There were three … [Read More...]


The Documented Life Project

It was a year ago that I noticed a lot of my fellow online crafters joined an art journaling project called The Documented Life Project. I checked it out and found … [Read More...]


woyww #294

If you didn't visit my blog since last Monday, you probably are surprised. Yes, my blog looks different (you can read all about the how and why HERE) but don't … [Read More...]


Looking for me?

I am here sweeties, I am still here, but I can imagine you thought you were at the wrong place. Yes, my blog looks different, a LOT different... and that was about time! When I started blogging in 2008, I choose a 'theme' ('elegant grunge') as my bloglook and … [Read More...]


Ring the Bells…

We are halfway January and I still have not posted my 'Word of the Year' - it is about time I talk about it and, as the title of this post reveals, this time it is NOT a word! First, for the ones who don't know what “Word of the Year” means, let me explain … [Read More...]


woyww #293 – a tiny little art journal

Goodmorning "woyww-hoppers," ready for yet another round of 'desk hopping' around the world? I know I am! And of course I show you what's on my desk too this morning. (What's On My Workdesk? Wednesday is a weekly blogseries/hop hosted by Julia in the United … [Read More...]