woyww #300

What's On Your Work desk Wednesday celebrates its 300 birthday, WOW! Our lovely hostess Julia started woyww in 2009, never knowing that it would take a flight like this. She published a photo on her blog showing her desk as it was at that time, with all kinds of stuff on it. A 'messy' desk with 'works in progress' on it - just the way we crafters know a desk looks. Julia was … [Read More...]


woyww #299 & Chronicles

Today - What's On Your Work desk? Wednesday -  I show you two photos of my work desk. My desks are positioned in an U-shape... I work at the table that is right in … [Read More...]


Cover Up Good Stuff

What for a title is that? Covering up good stuff... are you mad? Yep, that's what I thought when the seventh challenge for The Documented Life came on line. That was on February 14 and I felt a little resistance to this challenge. I'm familiar with layers, and … [Read More...]



I have had it with these cold and gray post-winter days! Yesterday was promising (a cold wind was blowing but it was at least sunny) but today was yet another drizzle day. I got wet socks/feet walking through the rain as it turned out the boots I was wearing … [Read More...]


What’s On My Workdesk? (woyww #298)

Good morning sweeties... another Wednesday and I bet you came by to see what's on my work desk today. Well... my tools of course, but nothing creative that I work on. Days went by without being in the atelier and my desk shows that empty spot, ready to start a … [Read More...]