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… Are you looking at me?…

… It’s rude to stare…

…. but not on my blog it is!
I WANT you to look ’cause I have things to show you!

There are the two ATC’s above – with the rams –
that I made a while ago, but I also finished the pages for Alicia’s
tallest handmade book in the world – project

so come on in and enjoy!

There was no theme for the tallest book which left me free to do
absolutely anything I wanted… this was a bit difficult ’cause what
should I fill four (small) pages with? (the book pages are 4×6″.
This means I took a piece of  8″ x 6″ thick paper and fold it in half
to be four sides measuring 4×6″)

I decided to ‘remake’ four older pages which I like very much.
That way, I could show my styles and ways of working on pages that are
very ‘me’. So now you know – if the pages look familiar to you – they are!

Here’s the first page: photo transfer

Ofcourse there had to be a photo transfer on one of the pages! I made this
with an ‘old time favorite’ page in mind – click here for the original

The different size and shape of this page makes it look a bit different.
I also added some personal journaling to the image and I couldn’t resist
my Washi tape! (I’m sure that I would have used that on my original page
too if I’d known Washi tape back then!)

Second page: Silhouette – masking and doodling

Silhouettes, spray ink, creating fun borders and add doodled frames…
something I love to do! I made a few birthday cards to send to friends
with this technique. (Jenneke, Karin) – click here for one of the originals

Third page: hand carved stamps

The first stamp I hand carved myself was this one with the three birds…
I made this page exactly the same as the one I copied it from – I still think
that was one of my ‘perfect pages’ so why change anything? (The colours
are slightly different though) – click here for the original

Last page: silhouette – sewing – ‘personal importance’

In April 2009, I wrote this on my blog:

On July 4th, Leonard Cohen will give a concert in Antwerpen (Belgium)
All my life, I loved his music. My mum played it a lot when I was little, so I
grew up with it, and when I got older, I kept buying his records (later on:
CD’s, yep, I’m that old!) He’s in his seventies now, so this might be his last
concert in Europe and the last change for me to see him perform live… but
boy, is it expensive!

To ease the pain, ”my men” (son and beloved) surprised me yesterday with a
DVD of the concert Leonard Cohen gave in London in 2005. I saw a part of
that DVD already (so far for “easing the pain”! It makes me wanna go to the
concert in Antwerpen even more!!!) and I found a lot of inspiration while
watching/listening to it… have you ever listened to those lyrics? The man is
a poet. I definitely want to do something with those texts.  I might even make
a lyrics-scrap-Cohen-book, I don’t know yet (ideas rushing through my mind!)
but I’m totally into Leonard Cohen at the moment! I keep you informed!

The Leonard Cohen art journal’ was the first art journal I made – and this page
was the very first page, using different techniques and working in a ‘free way’ !
This image represents the change I made from scrapbooking to art journaling –
it felt like coming home… I never looked back.

Click to view the ‘Leonard Cohen art journal’


These pages are on their way to Alicia in Oregon right now and I’m proud
that I’m part of this project – the tallest handmade book in the world will
contain some of my fave pages!

Today is grey and stormy – but I put my white Christmas branches in a
vase this weekend…

…yep, that’s the only decoration I have with the holidays –
white branches with eeny meeny small lights in a vase – there are some
orange glass spiral-balls in the vase too – to keep the branches straight –
that’s all – but where the heck was I going with my story? Oh, yes…

… and it’s warm and cosy in my living room. I’ve been at the computer
way to long now – time for a pause and a cup of tea!

Enjoy your week dear ones!
Shine a light and make some art!


  1. says

    LOVE your tallest book pages! I hope they end up near mine :)

    and also excited to read that you are a Leonard Cohen afficionado, I also grew up listening to him as my dad was (and still is) a huuuuuge fan. A poet indeed. And an amazing voice too.

  2. says

    Prachtige pagina’s weer, Marit! Leuk idee ook om voor Alicia’s boek je toppers in the remake te doen. Ik heb het tot op heden nog niet aangedurfd om op dit kleine formaat mee te doen. Staat nog wel ergens op mijn lijstje. Misschien dat het nu wel lukt dankzij jouw inspiratie!

  3. says

    You are amazing, Marit ! Love the pieces and that stamp too.

    Just started decorating but that really is just for me and David as we go north to Canada for most of our holiday time.
    Time to start getting some little gifties for my loved ones. Going really easy though, and trying to keep JOY in everything I do.
    Happy Tuesday, Soul Sister ! Be good to you !

  4. Julie Tucker-Wolek says

    These are GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee that “Bring in the Dutch” :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. says

    Your photo transfer came out so well… I had to laugh with Bring in the Dutch… And my favorite song from Leonard is Tower of song…. We have things in common.

  6. says

    Zoooo grappig, die ATC’s!! Moest er echt om lachen!!
    Je vier kleine werken voor “the tallest handmade book” zijn super! Leuk idee ook om vier van je favorieten in het klein nog eens over te doen! Ik ben (ook van deze kleine uitvoering) helemaal weg van die met de transfer!!

  7. says

    My goodness Marit this is a post and a half!!
    You are so prolific and your creations are outstanding.
    I am a Leonard Cohen fan too and as a matter of fact have his CD playing in my car at the moment.
    Keep shining dear friend, your brilliant light.
    Warmest hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

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