Portuguese shoes

First, let me show you my old shoes and haiku.
I’ll explain after…


Bij de achterdeur

slijt schoeisel uit Portugal

zijn laatste dagen

Portuguese shoes spend

the last years of their life right

next to the back door

The haiku was written for Haiku my Heart Friday, and if you want to
see more photos and read more haiku, I recommend you hop on over
to Rebecca’s blog to find the list of participants.

By the way: you are very welcome to join the ‘Haiku my Heart’ group
if you like – and if you don’t know what haiku is exactly, you might want
to read this post in which I explain about the ‘rules’ of writing haiku.

So – why do I show you my old, worn out shoes today?
Well, it started with Tammy…

Tammy of Daisy Yellow wrote a blogpost about ‘EDM’ (which stands for
‘Every day Matters’.) I’ll try to make this short: EDM challenges is all about
drawing something every day. You can find the info on Danny Gregory’s blog
and he published a list of subjects to draw here.

Now I have been thinking of picking up drawing and even made several starts
– you may remember these sketches – but I was not able to hold on to drawing
for long let alone make it a habit, mostly because I didn’t know WHAT to draw.
Finding a subject cost me too much energy and so I let go easily.

But now, with a list of subjects at my hand, I decided to take it more seriously
and work my way through the list. See if my drawing skills are still there
because I sure did my portion of drawing in the days when I was in art school.
I was curious to see how rusty my skills would be when I would start drawing
the real stuff: subjects. How would I do?
Would I still be able to get the proportions right?
What about textures?
It has been 25 years…

First challenge on the list was – you guessed it:

EDM #1 Draw a Shoe
(click to enlarge)

Well, that was a surprise!
My skills came back pretty easy and I’m quite proud and satisfied
with this first attempt after all these years.

Of course I wrote some text with the drawing… the shoe looked too pitiful
standing alone and lost on the page without any words to comfort him (her?)
Here’s the translation:

These are my Portuguese shoes. They don’t look much like shoes anymore
because they are completely worn out. They stand at the back door for
ten years now, ready to be used to walk into the garden or a trip to the barn
to get food out of the freezer. Even Nout, with his big feet, makes good use
of this ‘system’. The shoes were quite expensive, but given the lifetime they
were well worth it. Even now they are not completely worn away,
not even at the heel.

I might not be able to draw every day, but I certainly want to continue
drawing as I find it very relaxing and fun to do!

I have lots and lots of art journal pages that I made in the past weeks and
was not able to post yet – it’s amazing how much I got done in the week that
I was without my computer, but I won’t publish them all at once. For today
I choose to show you the latest spreads in the Chronicles Art Journal.

The Chronicles of Marit – Week 26

(Size: 24,5 x 49 cm – 9.65 x 14.86 inch)

The Chronicles of Marit – Week 27

(Size: 24,5 x 49 cm – 9.65 x 14.86 inch)

… and I’ll leave you with some random things I want to point out to you:

  • I slowly get the hang of ‘tweeting’ and start to enjoy writing messages
    by using only 140 characters… I’m not a ‘bulk tweeter’ yet, but if you
    like, you can follow me here
  • It may seem quiet around FEATURING magazine but I can assure
    you that there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes’.
    Issue #2 will probably see the light in August and next issue will
    again be packed with inspiring artists (I’m sure some will blow
    your mind, as they did mine!) and interesting articles.
    Keep an eye on FEATURING’s website, facebook, twitter
    or subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed.
    Issue #1 is still available in the web store
  • Quirky Dutch Summer – my series of inspirational posts – is half way
    and lots of beautiful art – made by the participants – can be found in
    the Quirky Flickr Group. QDS posts go online every Tuesday and I
    have something (uhhmmm, someONE) very special for you next
    week… you wait and see!
  • Seth from The Altered Page hosted the annual event ‘Buried Treasure‘.
    I participated and dug up an old, but very dear and close to me, post
    from 2 years ago. I re-posted it yesterday. Find it here.


That’s all dear ones..
enjoy your weekend.
Draw a shoe!

See ya next week!


  1. says

    love the look of your well loved cosy shoes :)

    I did the “draw a shoe” prompt too this week, there are loads of good ones on that EDM list, I’m hoping to use it to get lots of drawing practice

  2. says

    marit…i love your haiku to old shoes! it is a wonderful practice to elevate the old, the worn and the well served elements of our daily life. you honor them with as a drawing subject too.
    simply refreshing!

  3. says

    love seeing your art progression
    very profound,
    this haiku,
    i am thinking…

    like old friends
    standing ready,
    these worn shoes…

    You Never Know…

  4. says

    haiku to ‘old shoes’ ~ can relate ~ wonderful and your art creations are excellent ~~ ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. says

    Marit, Your drawing of the beloved and well worn shoe is lovely, the shading just right. Your skills indeed are still strong. The Chronicles of Marit pages are quite fun, bursting with energy. Cheers!

  6. says

    These shoes from Portugal are having the time of their life (lives) acting as useful shuttles of people to barn and garden; and now you’ve shared a glimpse of that life with us!

  7. says

    I have been following danny gregory as well and started the EDM challenges last week also… I’m at 9 even though i haven’t posted them all. So glad to see your sketch and your photo with a perfect haiku!

  8. says

    Thanks for sharing your shoe story. Your drawing is impressive for somebody who hasn’t drawn in many years. :-)
    Inspired by your post:
    your shoes
    by the back door . . .
    all these years
    I feel safe knowing
    your just close by


  9. says

    I did my quota of observational drawing at art school, I’m glad I did, like swimming once you get the hang of it, there it is for life.

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  10. says

    Marit – You still got it! The drawings are well-executed. (BTW, those look like super comfy shoes…) I liked the whole blog post!

  11. says

    Hi, nice to see your next installment of journal pages. I like your haiku and I think you did a fantastic job on the drawing. Old shoes are hard to get rid of. They have so much personality and history.

  12. says

    Mooie tekening hoor. Stoer dat je de EDM lijst af wilt gaan werken. Ik heb nog steeds het plan om hetzelfde te doen, maar dan niet in schetsen maar in foto’s (met bijschrift). Mooie journalspreads ook. En natuurlijk kijk ik vol verwachting uit naar Featuring #2! ;-)

  13. says

    I am just back froma ten day retreat of sorts where I created my little heart out and loved every second of it. It was so magical and felt so good ! I actually did a little drawing too and was surprised at how much easier it comes when I just relax into it.
    I love that you celebrated your old shoe in your drawing ! Grace in simple things. ;-)
    Happy Summer, Beautiful and Talented One !

  14. says

    Ik ben bezig in Danny Gregories ‘The creative license’ en heb laatst zijn ‘Everyday matters’ gelezen, als je wilt mag je ze wel een keer lenen als je zorgt dat ze niet teveel naar sigarettenrook gaan stinken ;-) Zal nog wel even duren voor ik the creative license uit heb. Gaaf dat er een tweede nummer van Featuring uitkomt (of is gekomen? ik loop achter)

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