Art journal pages – Chronicles – Week 33 & 34


Today will well be the last sunny Summer-like day of the year in Zeeland. That's the reason I keep this blogpost short and sweet so that I have the afternoon left for 'enjoy-the-weather' activities. I didn't spend much time in my atelier the last week, but I do have some old(er) art journal pages to … [Read more...]

Who, what, where am I?


Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Those are big question, don't you think? It's kinda funny/weird/scary (strike out what does not apply) that I made this art journal page a couple of weeks ago, and soon after I took a workshop SoulCollage. SoulCollage has everything to do with introspection and … [Read more...]

woyww #308 & published!


Good morning beautiful people! Did you come here to peek at my desk? You're in the right place then, 'cause today is another What's On Your Work desk Wednesday and you know what that means don't you. (Oh, you don't? WOYWW is a blog-series hosted by Julia from the UK. Artists from all over the world … [Read more...]

woyww #303 & Documented Life


Good morning, good morning on this gray and rainy day... luckely the light in my atelier is always bright as we live on the third floor and the windows in my atelier are located to the North-West. My desk is ready to play, I started already on a new Chronicles art journal page but there is also two … [Read more...]