Live Workshop in Middelburg!


{This blogpost is in Dutch because I teach this workshop in the Netherlands. If you are from abroad/english speaking and want to participate in this workshop, send me an email...} Op vrijdag 10 juli geef ik een live-workshop art journal basis-achtergronden maken m.b.v. mixed media technieken … [Read more...]

woyww #315 and folded booklets


Finally, finally.... I can show you what I was working on for so long. Remember that I kept something hidden on my desk in the past months, telling you it was a commission-project? I am allowed to reveal it now, and I will tell you all about it later in this post. First, let's have a look what is on … [Read more...]

woyww #314 and the Documented Life Project #19


Good morning, good morning Deskers and other beautiful people! It's Wednesday, and I have another desk-photo for you (and more... keep reading.) You probably think the atelier (and desk) will look organized; clean and decluttered because I told you I was going to do that... but nope, it's still the … [Read more...]