Across the borders


The other day, my neighbor (who follows my blog, hi Frederika!) said to me that she noticed that I write my blogposts in 'American English.' We talked about languages and why it is that I seem to write in (American) English so natural and easy - let me tell you, it is not always simple to find the … [Read more...]

Give Me a High Five (Documented Life Project)


I was way behind on The Documented Life Project and had to catch up at least three challenges (and on Saturday it increased to four even, as each Saturday, the new week-challenge is posted on Art to the 5th - the site where you can find all challenges.) But last weekend I found the time to dive into … [Read more...]

Buried treasure: art journal page & blog award


When I started blogging (in 2008) I choose the web-name "Marit's Scrapworld" but it didn't take long before I realized it was the wrong name... In 2009 I discovered 'art journaling' and I never really created any scrapbook layouts anymore. So from 2011 on, I blog (and have a website) under the name … [Read more...]

Cover Up Good Stuff


What for a title is that? Covering up good stuff... are you mad? Yep, that's what I thought when the seventh challenge for The Documented Life came on line. That was on February 14 and I felt a little resistance to this challenge. I'm familiar with layers, and building it up until the piece is to my … [Read more...]