Promoting and Chronicles art journals (catching up)


  I have been busy promoting the Thunderclap page of 'my baby' FEATURING magazine. Next week, FEATURING will start a promotion Campaign that will run for at least three weeks and we want to start that campaign with a "Thundering clap"... but we need a lot of support to do that - 500 … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio & woyww #212


  I want to start this Wednesday post with some shameless promotion and a little bit of cheating - but I'm sure I'll be forgiven when you see what I laid on my work desk on purpose today... btw: I DID take a 'non faked' photo of my work desk too ;) see at the end of this … [Read more...]

Tales from the Studio & woyww #209


  A lot to show, a lot to tell... and a busy day ahead so let's get going... I skipped the golden oldie last week because of the woyww-anniversary but today I show you a scrapbook layout again – lifted from one of my old scrapbook albums. (I don't create 'traditional scrapbook … [Read more...]

Tales from the studio and woyww #197


  Good morning, good morning from my studio where today my desk is filled with a bunch of gorgeousness... I'll show you that - and more - in this post. Come on in. Let us start with a Golden Oldie from my albums Brenda requested in a comment last week, that I'd open up album 6 … [Read more...]

Breath in, breath out…


That's what I had to keep in mind last week - yes, there was a reason for not blogging on Friday and it was for sure not a nice one... A publisher’s worst nightmares happened: when FEATURING was delivered from the printing office, it turned out that one of the pages in the issue showed a huge … [Read more...]

We Did It (again!)

cover issue 3

Pfew.... the next issue of FEATURING is at the printer's office and will be out next week! After the second issue took extra time to get out to the public, I decided we should try hard to get back on track and in to the schedule... So I whipped up the team and MAN, they did such a great job (or … [Read more...]