What is on my workdesk? (woyww #297)


Wednesday came sneaking upon me almost unnoticed... I was sipping my morning coffee when it suddenly hit me: Wednesday! Desk-photo-day! Luckily the battery of the camera was fully loaded so I took a quick snapshot of my desk in all its glory. There are several projects on my desk like the Chronicles … [Read more...]

woyww #294


If you didn't visit my blog since last Monday, you probably are surprised. Yes, my blog looks different (you can read all about the how and why HERE) but don't worry, the content remains the same. So, as can be expected on Wednesdays, it's time for yet another photo of my desk for What's On My … [Read more...]

woyww #293 – a tiny little art journal


Goodmorning "woyww-hoppers," ready for yet another round of 'desk hopping' around the world? I know I am! And of course I show you what's on my desk too this morning. (What's On My Workdesk? Wednesday is a weekly blogseries/hop hosted by Julia in the United Kingdom and lots of crafty people share … [Read more...]