Tales from the Studio and woyww #193

Hi there dear ones!
Today I will start a blog series called “Tales from the Studio.”

As most of you know, I re-arranged the upstairs old room of my son (who moved out) and turned it into a working space for me. I showed photos of it in this post.

I stood in my son’s room several times in the past years, thinking how I should re-arrange the space once he moved out and how I would love to work in solitude and not having to clean up after me every day – but now that the moment was there, I had to take some hurdles – here’s what happened (and how I solved it!)

Here’s a floor plan from the room so you get a better picture.

See those *stars*  with some of the words?
That means these items/furniture are solid build in to the room – leaving me with no other option then to work around it and make it work for me.

I made it even easier for myself: I left the bed, the bedside table and the big desk in the corner – that were already there – in the same place too. In other words: once I’d removed all the ‘stuff’ which my son had left behind, the room didn’t have to be decorated much. All I did was put in a book case and the small cabinet-on-wheels with my most-used tools that stood in the living room.

But then…

It took me at least a day to gather my stuff from all over the house and another day to store it into my new art-room… MAN, the decisions one has to make! Where do I put my paint? Stamps? Old magazines? Well, if you have a studio this probably sounds familiar but it was new to me and I kept on placing and replacing stuff from one closet to another… anyway, to make a long story short: I got it all in and satisfying stored.

And then I found myself sitting at the desk. Now what?
This was my new creating space. This was what I wanted for so long. Everything in its place. No more going up-and downstairs to get my paper/tools. All my stuff surrounding me, and I didn’t know where to begin or what to do.

I turned around and around on the chair, looking at the room. Without leaving my chair, I opened the door of the cabinet and I saw this:

My aunt and my dads birthdays were coming up, so I decided to start with creating cards (‘mail art’ if you like.) Making cards would speed the familiarization, I would learn what stuff I own (some boxes had not been opened for years!) and where everything was.

It worked! I got used to ‘my room’ and sitting at the desk in a fun and easy way. I made cards – and cards – and cards… I just couldn’t stop.

(Click on the images to enlarge)

For my aunt Lien

For my dad

For my son

For my mum

For my aunt Corneel

You see, the whole family got cards. They loved it and I loved it.
After a few days, I was all used to my new studio. Yay!

I was planning on showing you an old layout too, but this post is getting waaaay to long already… I better leave that for the next time, cause there’s something else I would like to show you.

I have been drooling over all those workdesks that could be seen on Wednesdays, and now that I have a studio and a desk that I don’t have to clean up every time – I can finally add a photo of MY DESK to that list. I am talking about WOYWW (“What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday”)
It’s a fun series, read all about it here or check out today’s woyww #193

WOYWW #193

My desk today shows my good-ol’ (30 years!) sewing machine. One lesson in the online workshop “Mixed Emotions” (which I teach with Michelle LaPoint-Rydell, registration still open ’till Sunday) handles paper weaving and I found it fun to dive in again! Oh, and see that box with (index)cards in the background? I have great ideas for that!

I’ll tell all about it in a later post – ’cause there’s work waiting for me. Not on the desk shown in the photo, but a desk in the office. Working hard on the next issue of FEATURING magazine. It’s going to be fantastic again, I can tell you that much! If you ever saw/read the magazine, you know that don’t you? (And if you never read/heard of FEATURING, shame on you! You better make it up then fast, all issues can be purchased HERE and YES, we ship international!)


  1. Zoe Young Kirkby (@CraftygasheadZo) says

    Wow so much going on but your room looks fab and I’m sure you’re glad to have your space to work/play! Enjoy your week, take care Zo xx 93

  2. says

    I am so glad your son’s room is working for you. I was so lucky to be able to use a room in my home for my crafting it does make a difference having a room to go into where you have everything to hand
    Your cards are fantastic
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

  3. says

    WOW you have been busy.It’s so nice to have a craft room to yourself. Sometimes I feel compelled to put everything away…then I don’t remember what I was working on. Amazing art. #101

  4. says

    Well, you have a bed to flop onto when you need a moment. That’s a big bonus. Enjoy your new room. Love how you celebrated with all those lovely cards.

    Thanks for visiting me – Happy WOYWW.
    Hugs, Neet xx 4

  5. says

    Oh your cards are fantastic, I love them all. Great crafting space too, it’s so nice to spread out and have fun knowing you can walk away and come back later and it is the same way you left it.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 13

  6. says

    Fabulous post! I like one I can sink my teeth in to. I love seeing your studio layout (not dissimilar to mine, actually) and love love LOVE your cards.

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (38)

  7. says

    It’s funny, but you would think having a room to put everything in would be so easy but it takes a lot of readjustments to get everything in reach and accessible! I’ve been in my place for 1 1/2 and I still tweak the system! lol Looks like you have been uber productive!! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say hi, it’s always appreciated! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  8. says

    Brilliant my Sweedish friend!!! So happy you finally have a place that is all yours! It is so exciting!
    And I’m glad you joined the party!! It is so fun to peek!!
    Marshall was SUPPOSED to link my post up when before he left for school, but… Never trust a teenager! He’s been doing it for weeks so I didn’t check when I got up. Then, at 10:30 I went to begin my computer work, and found he didn’t do it. ugh.
    Happy WOYWW!!!

  9. says

    What a wonderful space — and a creative way to get comfortable with the supplies and set up there. Love those cards….and so will the lucky people who get them!

  10. says

    Kom ik jou ook even een bezoekje brengen.
    Je ‘werkhok’ had ik mogen bewonderen,
    heerlijk hoor zo’n plekje.
    Je hebt hem ook al helemaal ingewijd,
    wat een gave mailart heb je voor je familie gemaakt!
    groetjes Jellina

  11. says

    Wow….these cards are amazing! Love the beautiful collaged pieces and your room seems give you lots of mojo. Your story is fun to read. Thank you for sharing and happy WOYWW! ^_^

  12. says

    What a lovely studio and you are well on your way to being settled int here…Great cards and I am sure you will soon have memorized where everything is!!!
    Have fun creating!

  13. says

    I can beat you. My sewing machine is even older, having been bought by by father for Mum in 1946, and I would not be without it. the only attention it has ever had is the occasional drop of oil,a new electric cable, replacement needles, and last year it had to have a new drive belt. The original belt suddenly started throwing tiny bits of green rubber stuff at me – not a good sign. The new one cost more than the original machine. Hope your machine works as well as mine does. Have a good week. xx Maggie #8

  14. says

    You are settling in fabulously into your new space. I am very lucky that, since we have no children, I have a space that is all my own. And I love it ! Orangizing all the stuff I have to create with is always a challenge in it, since I am not the tidiest person around. But it is a treat to know it is all mine. Enjoy the new Marit Stuido ! Love to you!

  15. says

    I really enjoyed your plans then the tour of your new workspace. It really is super to have your own place for creating and it looks like you now have a perfect one for you. Enjoy it and I hope we see many things created there.
    Your cards for the family are a unique style and I love them. Thanks for visiting my desk.
    I will be demonstrating at the Art Specially Show in Zeiss so if you are going there in April please come to say hello at the stampattack stand.
    Best wishes
    Jo x

  16. says

    Welcome to WOYWW! Always lovely to have new people join in. Crikey – you really are very organised with your room! I just through all my stuff in mine and it appears to work for me. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week:) Lucy #24 x

  17. says

    hi Marit thanks for visiting yesterday great to hear you are settled and what a great space love all those cards my you where on a roll and your family are going to be so happy with such beautiful creations ,I also got my room last year( the spare room ) and I love it prior to that I was just starting card making and had storage boxes under the stairs which i had to drag out every time I wanted to craft to the kitchen table.. now I’m in heaven and feel so lucky enjoy hope you have fab week Andrea#21

  18. says

    Hello Marit, welcome to the WoYWW. I Love your cards! Makes me want to work on some mixed media on collage! Your work space will be wonderful, thank you for sharing the pictures! I hope you keep posting them as this room becomes more you!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog too!!
    Have a great week, Cheers! Ginny #9

  19. says

    Sorry to be late popping over to your desk but I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy yesterday and really quite poorly. Your sewing looks fun. Thanks for visiting me and cheering me up BJ #36

  20. says

    We have so much in common, I changed my son’s bedroom to my craftroom too, as soon as he left (LOL – I think he was quite sad to see me so happy when he finally moved out)
    Thanks for visiting me earlier and you are right, the language on my LO is in Afrikaans, which is from Dutch origin, I used a song title.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia 20

  21. says

    What a great post, Marit!! I love how you know how to “write” on your photos. But mostly I am so, so happy for you that you took over your son’s old room and made it your own and that you wasted no time in embracing it and getting crafty! Your card production is amazing!

    Thanks for visiting me earlier! Have a fantastic week and many, many happy years in your very own craft room! Darnell #46

  22. says

    Wat een ge-wel-di-ge blogpost weer, Marit!! En ik weet zeker dat je je helemaal happy gaat voelen in je nieuwe studio!!
    Prachtige kaarten heb je gemaakt! Blur je ze nu extra nu je weet dat ik ‘met m’n neus op het scherm zit’, hahaha….
    Doe ik niet hoor, ik heb gewoon goede ogen (dankzij m’n leesbril)!

    Fijn, creatief weekend!!


  23. says

    Hi Marit
    interesting story of your craft room I did something similar a couple of years ago but my daughter was horrified when we said we were going to get rid of her bed. It worked out ok in the end… she still comes home but sleeps in adifferent room now… with her husband.
    lovey ork you make too
    janet #15

  24. says

    Lol..It sounds like you are having soooo much fun in your new craft room!! Love your cards and what a fantastic area to play in now…good on you!! Janene #161

  25. says

    OOOO paper weaving…that sounds fun. I was poking around the other day and came across this post which I thought was fabulous. http://1036art.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-gelli-grunge-basket.html
    Ellen made a basket from woven gelli strips. Keep in mind I must be the only person on the planet with out a gelli plate, but so far I have too good of a time making my own papers! Your room is great…now you don’t have to put things away; that in itself is a blessing. Looking forward to seeing your pieces through the weeks. Happy Valentines Day (of course in Holland it’s probably already Friday – so in that case happy weekend. Enjoy.
    sara j #52

  26. says

    Wow what fabulous artwork and how lovely to have settled into your room so quickly. I had my own craft room but then OH started working from home and wanted to share it as part study but I said No and decamped down into the dining room – not ideal but it works for me! Thanks for visiting me this week.

  27. says

    I know what you mean about arranging and deciding what to do. I took my daughter’s room when she left. I told her if she comes back – she has to help me move it all back out! April #119

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