Tales from the Studio and woyww #248


Today is Wednesdays and you know what that means: ‘Tales from the Studio’ – including a photo of my workdesk.

Let’s start with a photo from my desk – I don’t think I ever had my desk photographed so messy!

(“why a picture of your desk” you may ask? That’s because of Julia from Stamping Ground.
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WOYWW #248


And next… something completely different from art journaling or carving stamps…
It’s been a while since I made ATCs, but last month – when I enjoyed a ‘crafting afternoon’ with my neighbour-friend – I grabbed back to that tiny size and created this series:

Thermosfles – Vondeling – Voortplanting (Thermos – Foundling – Procreation)


… and one more



… I liked working small again! I found it a pleasant alternation from the art journal pages I usually work on. It also helped me to discover and develop new ideas… now that’s a bonus isn’t it?!

Have a good day ya-all,
make an ATC!


  1. Maisie Moonshine says

    Hi Marit, it is always good to revisit an old friend and especially when that brings you new ideas. Fabulous atcs – your mosaic scraps must have been tiny! Have a great week MMx #51

  2. says

    Oh I love your mosaic pieces, how wonderful! It’s funny how changing size can give your creativty a boost! Thanks for sharing these fab ATCs!
    Kate #86

  3. says

    Oh, that’s so cool, carving your own stamps. I don’t know that I have a steady enough hand for it; one slip, and you have a drastic change of design. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #23

  4. says

    Nou, ik vind jouw rommelige bureau nog altijd aardig netjes hoor. Stempels snijden, dat moet ik ook echt weer eens gaan doen, het is zo leuk! Maar het mooist dit keer vind ik de atc’s. Ik heb altijd bewondering voor mensen die minimalistisch en met gedekte kleuren zoiets esthetisch kunnen maken. Gek dat we toch altijd aangetrokken worden door ons eigen tegenovergestelde. Ken je het werk van Bea Mahan? Gezien je atc’s zou je het wel eens kunnen waarderen.

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