Tales from the Studio and woyww#228


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Today is another Wednesday so grab a cup of tea – or maybe hot chocolate – curl up on the couch and listen to my…



“Golden Oldies”

(I don’t create ‘traditional scrapbook layouts’ anymore but every Wednesday I dive into my albums and lift a ‘golden oldie.’ The layouts I pick are random, YOU – blog readers – name the number of the album and layout to show. Let me know in a comment which album you want me to open next week – to avoid that you name layouts that have already been requested, you can find a list showing the ‘free’ numbers to choose from on this page.

Because nobody requested a golden oldie scrapbook layout last week, I choose one myself. I went back to my early blogging years to see what I posted on October 16 (today’s date.)
I started blogging in 2008, but that was in November… so I moved on to the next year and found a post on October 16th, 2009 This was the scrapbook layout I showed back then:

Music tapes


[This layout was made from a sketch. You can find that sketch, as well as more detail photos of this layout, in the old blogpost.]

This layout is #18 stored in album 6. If YOU want to request a ‘golden oldie': you can find the list of layouts to choose from HERE. Let me know in a comment which album you want me to open up and which layout you want me to show next week…

Now that we are in the studio… let us take a look at my work desk because it is yet another “What’s On My Work desk? Wednesday.” WOYWW is Julia’s weekly Wednesday blog hop and it is THE event where crafty and artistic individuals around he world share pictures of their desks.

WOYWW #228


Ha… not much going on here… but take a turn and look to the right…


… there’s a LOT going on on the closet there.

So this is where the action is taking place today.
Here is a closer look.


Do you see that stencil-book that my son gave me for my birthday?
He bought it in Paris and I am totally in love with it! The stencils inside are so different from what you normally see and absolutely gorgeous to use on art journal pages. The image of the girl is from one of those stencils, and I used another stencil in my Chronicles art journal a while ago… (No, that is not what you think… look closer at the man. Those are spray bottles with ink!)

The Chronicles of Marit – Week 40


And that’s it for today then… again, not a long blogpost.
Not much text anyway… but I know that is how most WOYWW-hoppers like it. I will try to visit a whole bunch of your desks also today sweeties, see ya!




  1. says

    Hi. I love your blog. Want to follow you, but can’t see where to join? Your idea of pulling out an old page every week is inspired. As a fellow scrapper and digi scrapper, I loved looking at your stuff and your post is so well laid out and easy to read. Thanks for sharing.
    Karen no.82 x

  2. says

    Great post again Marit! And the music tapes make me smile, because they bring back wonderful memories!
    Wishing you big success with your magazine FEATURING!
    Hugs Gabriele

  3. says

    What a lovely lot of goodies you got for your birthday lucky you!!! Love the scrapbook page, those cassettes bring back memories! Happy WOYWW! ♥ Karen ♥ 98 x

  4. says

    Gosh, I just never know where to look with your blog. I just have to sit a while and read it ALL. I am loving cassette tapes as a design element too :) and fab image on that AJ page. Is it from that stencil book? A clser look is needed I think :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (26)

  5. says

    Gorgeous journal pages – the one with the Girl on it is super gorgeous. That stencil book sounds fascinating. :-)

    I would like to make a request please….. ALBUM 5.. No; 5 since 5 is my lucky number :-)

    Happy WOYWW228

    IKE in Greece #94

  6. says

    Just stopping in to say hi and see what you are doing. Hope the thunder is going well. I love that card stand I have been wanting one like that for years, I will find it eventually.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 58

  7. Lunch Lady Jan says

    Omg, cassette tapes…the younger generation wouldn’t know anything about those but I do. Remember using a pencil to rewind the tape sometimes?
    You’d love Winchester and Bath! If ever you come over, give me a shout..I’ll be your guide :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 3 xx

  8. says

    Album 5 # 21. How’s that? OMGosh! I remember those cassettes, well I even remember the 8 tracks I’m so old, but I digress.
    Thanks for the earlier visit
    Krisha #11

  9. says

    So much fun on your desk today! I love those background pages and the colors are gorgeous. Thank you for your sweet visit. Hugs from the Ozarks! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #9

  10. Caro says

    I love your art journaling and that stencil book seems amazing. I must look out for that one! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#12)

  11. Anne says

    Lovely work old and new. The stencil book sounds brilliant. Thanks for visiting me. Happy WOYWW Anne x #8

  12. says

    Wat heb jij een opgeruimde werktafel zeg! Bij ziet het er altijd het tegenovergestelde uit, haha…bergen papier en snippers.
    Leuk om weer een golden oldie te zien en je journalpage ziet gezellig uit met de grappige snorren foto’s!

  13. says

    that’s a great find from your son, good for him! Love the desk this week. Thanks for visiting me already, I’m playing catch up! Helen 13

  14. says

    I just had to pop back to show you what I got in my email this AM:
    “Your Amazon.co.uk order of “Stencil Republic” has been dispatched”


    You enabler, YOU.

    Really looking forward to it as it looks like a good read as well as some fairly cool stencils.

    Thanks for the tip-off

    Mary Anne

  15. Zeffy says

    Marit loved your post,interesting to look back at old creations……loved your desk and the book of stencils looks particularly interesting….a happy belated Bithday wish to you….hope you have a fab year! ZEFFY 97

  16. says

    Happy Belated WOYWW. Firstly I would love to see LO No.13 from Album 3. Secondly, I am loving your journals and the wonderful present from your son. Ali x #96

  17. Pam says

    Happy belated birthday and WOYWW! The book of stencils looks fantastic, ideal for journaling. So many wonderful gifts. Hugs. Pam#68

  18. says

    Leuk al dat ‘work in progress’ op je kastje. Dat stencilboek ziet er interessant uit en de pagina met het gezicht dat eruit voortkomt springt eruit. Mooi!

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