Tales from the Studio & woyww #227


Time flies… yet another Wednesday, yet more tales from the studio then…

First, there is today’s golden oldie scrapbook layout

(I don’t create ‘traditional scrapbook layouts’ anymore but every Wednesday I dive into my albums and lift a ‘golden oldie.’ The layouts I pick are random, YOU – blog readers – name the number of the album and layout to show. Let me know in a comment which album you want me to open next week – to avoid that you name layouts that have already been requested, you can find a list showing the ‘free’ numbers to choose from on this page.

John W. asked me to open album 2 and lift layout #10 from it – so I flipped through the pages of that album and at the given page I found this really old scrapbook ‘spread’ (a double-paged layout) that I made in 2006 or so…

Zomer in Zeeland (“Summer in Zeeland”)


Zeeland is the province/district I grew up… and as the name suggests; this region lays near the sea. I combined all sorts of photos on this spread: old ones (me as a little girl and with my friends when we were teens) as well as more recent ones (my son at that same beach.)

If YOU want to request a ‘golden oldie': you can find the list of layouts to choose from HERE. Let me know in a comment which album you want me to open up and which layout you want me to show next week…

Now that we are in the studio… let us take a look at my work desk ’cause it is “What’s On My Work desk? Wednesday,” Julia’s weekly Wednesday blog hop. WOYWW is THE event where crafty and artistic individuals around he world share pictures of their desks.

The small desk in front of the window, where I usually create, is kinda empty this morning. The big desk however shows all the more… I played with my stencils yesterday (I got some new ones for my birthday, yay!) I had major fun and soaked all kinds of paper backgrounds in ink… I left the last one on the table to dry yesterday evening and this morning I found my desk looking like this.

WOYWW #227


I have not shown you the pages I made in my Chronicles art journal for a long time… so let me catch up a little bit and show you some…

The Chronicles of Marit – Week 34


The Chronicles of Marit – Week 35


The Chronicles of Marit – Week 36


One more thing before I hit the ‘publish’ button… have you seen that widget in the side menu, counting down the days??? It says “12 days left” and “14% completed.”

You guessed it… that number has to go up to 100% and to do that

time line cover-issue 4

You probably know that I am the founder of FEATURING magazine. The magazine has a big campaign in the make, starting with a THUNDERCLAP on October 21… but we have to reach the goal of 500 supporters on that date to make it happen. We have only 12 days left to reach that goal and therefore we can use every vote!

Now I could give you a long expanation about the what and how, but I won’t do that here… you can find an explanation HERE.

Read it? Wanna help? Then please  visit our Thunderclap page and donate a tweet or Facebook status update to help us reach our goal!!!


Thanks  – and enjoy your day dear ones.
Make some mess on your desk!



  1. says

    Wow. I had no idea you were the Featuring founder! I just read the WOYWW article at crop on Saturday. I’ll have to explore those links, but not before saying how fab the journal pages are – love the purple lips in particular :)

    I am determined to be early this week
    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (27)

  2. says

    Hi Marit,

    I did like your scrapbook this week, gosh a blast from the past with those photos. Oh I have added my vote and will pass onto who ever I can.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 3

  3. says

    Your journal pages are stupendous! I love the lips too! I also love your writing on the page! I can’t seem to find the time to do all I want to at the moment, as I so wanted to join up for the journalling course – I will click on Featuring right now, though. Have a great WOYWW! Julie Ann xx #38

  4. Maisie Moonshine says

    Hi Marit – Have you recovered from your birthday celebrations? Fantastic journal pages and I’m loving the inky fun on your desk today. Have a great week. MMx #51

  5. Caro says

    Those journal pages are wonderful. I am just starting an artistic journal adventure so watch this space! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x #80

  6. says

    Ah, inks and stencils – sometimes all I want to do is create backgrounds. Just lovely patterns, swirls, colours… Lovely journal pages!I’m not on facebook or twitter, but hopefully you get the 100%!
    Debbie #53

  7. says

    Great journal pages! Is that the magazine that wrote the article about WOYWW? I tried to order a copy on-line and don’t know if it went through. If I’m getting things confused, I’m sorry…..

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (19)

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