Top 2000 blog party – day three
#1519 – #1198

We are at day three of the Top 2000 countdown and again I found lots of beautiful art in my mailbox from artists inspired by the songs that will play in the next 24 hours… One song in particular is popular today, there were no less then three (3) pieces made with the same song – it’s interesting to see the differences in techniques and style. Go have a look and enjoy!

Art pieces in this post:



Turn your music boxes on to hear “the Top 2000 list” play!

More and more participants join me every year and the Top 2000 blogposts are filled with the most wonderful art pieces. Thanks everyone!
Here are all the art pieces I received ordered by number (counting down)
If there is more coming in today, I will add them to this post and change the number at the top, so you only have to look at the number to see if there’s more added during the day.

(If you want to play along, read this post for details )

You can click on each image to enlarge for a better view.

#1502 Peter Sarstedt – Where Do You Go To My Lovely

Made by Marit *that’s me!* (The Netherlands)


#1490 Simply Red – Sunrise

Made by Delia Roza (The Netherlands)


#1488 Wham -Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Made by Marit *that’s me!* (The Netherlands)


#1486 Al Jarreau – Roof Garden

Made by Carla (The Netherlands)


#1485 Anouk – Woman

Made by Sija (The Netherlands)


#1416 Sandra van Nieuwland – Keep Your Head Up

Made by Annie (The Netherlands)


#1393 Shirley Bassey – This Is My Life

Made by Elvy (The Netherlands)


#1369 Cats – Why

Made by Corrie Schaliboom (The Netherlands)


#1366 Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men

Made by Carola (The Netherlands)


#1366 Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men

Made by Esther (The Netherlands)


#1366 Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men

Made by Ricky Barentsen (Canada)


#1357 Madonna – Vogue

Made by Lena (The Netherlands)


#1352 Bastille – Pompeii

Made by Sandra de Neef (The Netherlands)


##1349 Gers Pardoel – Ik Neem Je Mee

Made by Linda Loe (The Netherlands)


#1346 Glennis Grace – Afscheid

Made by Annie (The Netherlands)


#1327 Paul Simon – Boy In The Bubble

Made by Her (The Netherlands)


#1321 The Wiz Stars – A Brand New Day

Made by Karin Koekoek (The Netherlands)


#1312 Extreme – More than words

Made by Karin Koppen (The Netherlands)


#1312 Extreme – More than words

Made by Yvonne Koops (The Netherlands)


#1288 5th Dimension – Aquarius

Made by Elvy (The Netherlands)


#1279 Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator

Made by Willy Anderson (Spain)


1272 Rita Hovink – Laat Me Alleen

Made by Her (The Netherlands)

1272- her-Rita-Hovink

#1245 Mr. Probz – Waves

Made by Willy Duit (The Netherlands)


#1226 The Mavericks – Dance The Night Away

Made by Afke Boonstra (The Netherlands)


#1206 Lorde – Royals

Made by Michelle LaPoint Rydell (USA)




  1. says

    Wat een mooi werk weer vandaag! Marit, ik werd een beetje stil van jouw stukken, zo mooi! Willy, bedankt voor de grinnik die jij me geeft met je konijnenliefde in de lift :)

  2. says

    Prachtige inzendingen weer !
    Ook ik moest even grinniken bij het zien van de konijntjes in de lift….geweldig, hoe verzin je het !

  3. anne g-i says

    Wow! Another great day! Marit – I love how you have your person leaving one page and entering on another.

  4. Sija says

    Wow wat een schitterende pagina’s zijn er gemaakt! Het feest wordt steeds groter. Ben weer heel benieuwd naar de bijdragen voor morgen.

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