Sep 17 2010

Curly straight hair
(Freewheelin’ Friday #39)

I have a question for you.
How often do you have a haircut?


I have “difficult hair”
It’s thick, it’s overwhelming MUCH and it curls.
That is, the under layers curl.
The top layer is straight.
If I put the top layer of my hair up with pins,
you see the curls that sit underneath (see this photo.)

And whatever they try: the hair keeps curling and the top layer stays straight.
With “they” I mean hairdressers – hairstylists…
or whatever name they go by these days.

When hairdressers sees my hair, they always wants to “do something fun”
with it. Like putting curls in the slick top layer. I know it won’t work.
I’ve had this hair all my life. I keep telling them: it DOESN’T WORK!!!
You can spend hours curling and spraying and drying…
I get on my bike and before I get home, it’s straight!
And the under layer is CURLY.
Don’t bother…

Just give me a haircut where the differences can live together on my head.
Do you GET THAT? hairdresser…??


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Sep 14 2010

The ring my mom took off…

Thanks for the nice compliments on my “symbolic rings” layout (see
former post
) And thanks Lena, for pointing this out to me:

“Oops… I just caught you telling a little lie…
Your mom did take off one of her rings.
The one she bought after chapter one.
She gave that one away to the winner of a little witch contest.
Guess who that winner was…
Yep, my dd Carmen and she still wears that ring!!
(send you a pic later!)”

Lena is right, my mom DID take one ring off…
I found the old pictures of the book presentation (October 2006)
so here is another “little witch story” for you!


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Sep 3 2010

My baby…
(Freewheelin’ Friday #37)

… takes the morning train…

Yep, my son started at the Radboud University of Nijmegen this week.

He leaves home every morning on bike. At the station, he takes the train
to Nijmegen and there he takes a bus to the University… and of course the
other way around when the colleges are finished. (it takes one-and-a-half
hour from home to University where he studies “Artificial Intelligence”)

We have breakfast together, I have my coffee and the moment he waves
goodbye, I start my writing job.

Strange, how fast you can fall in a routine, isn’t it?


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Aug 27 2010

The happiness goes on…
(Freewheelin’ Friday #36)

…’cause look who came home yesterday!!!

There’s nothing
more to wish for
when you’re a
mother then to
have your boy
back home
safe and sound.

And see how tall
he “grew”


He wore
cowboy boots!

With a heel, indeed.
I look waaaay smaller then I am – ahem…
Oh, you curious ones… alrighty, I’m 5’6″)

And there’s more good news… OH MY…
it seemed all the good things came right my way this week!


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Aug 20 2010

Where I’ve been and what I did
(Freewheelin’ Friday #35)

Most of you guessed it already: I’ve been in Zeeland the past few days!
My dad was here last Monday and I took the opportunity to ride back
home with him to stay a few days with him and my mom and visit my
friend Lena. I took my camera with me and although I always do that
when I visit my parents, most of the time I forget to take pics while I’m
there. But this time I actually used the camera and took some photos!
(Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge)

Here’s one of me
that shows the
overall feeling
I had while being
in Zeeland…
relaxed and
easy going!

See that orange
vest? I saw it in
a boutique and
it screamed to me
“I am made for you”
– and since my mom
thought so too
she bought it for me!

Thanks so much mom,


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Jul 30 2010

Sold his soul to the devil?
(Freewheelin’ Friday #32)

My son was here last week!

But he met no devil , no.
Only nice people, and a lot of old blues men…
And he didn’t sell his soul – Pfew!

(Some of you – most of you maybe – will have no idea what I’m talking about
so a little explanation will come in handy I guess…

The photo of the sign was taken in Clarksdale!
Clarksdale Mississippi is the Birthplace and World Capital of the Blues
and location of the famous Crossroads intersection of Highway 61 and 49.
At the crossroads – according to the legend – Robert Johnson sold his soul
to the devil  to become the best blues guitar player of all time)


I like the blues – but not today.
Today I show you a layout inspired by a happy song!


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Jul 26 2010

I pushed her just a little bit ;)

Good morning, good morning.
It’s fun to think you all wake up in another town, another country…
and in a few hours my son will wake up here:

This photo makes me sing Bob Dylan songs!
Mwaaaahhhh…. not for old hippies like me!
This is a photo of Nashville.
“Nashville Skyline” – an album by Bob Dylan.
One of my faves actually.
Especially the song he recorded with Johnny Cash:
“Girl from the North Country”…
And “Lay Lady Lay”

Don’t stop reading here, I won’t get sentimental.
One last thing about my son in Nashville though – he e-mailed
that he “might come home with a pair of cool cowboy boots.”
If he will, I will take pictures! Promise!


On to other creative outbursts (’cause my son and cowboy boots
is definitely a creative outburst!)

...and yes, there is an explanation for the title of this post!


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