Aug 23 2010


Ever since she said YESSSS (almost 4 months ago)
I’ve been walking around with a big smile on my face.
We’ve been having “secret chat sessions”.
We’ve been brainstorming.
We exchanged ideas and concepts.
We started preparing, creating and writing
and we laughed.
BOY did we laugh a lot!

What is this all about, you might ask, and who is “she”?


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Aug 6 2010

A skinny but full post!
(Freewheelin’ Friday #33)

Friday already – time flies and the days are already shortening again…
This morning there even was a hint of Autumn in the air – oh how I love
those Months when the leaves turn yellow and spiders weave their webs.
Months in which everything turns back to normal. People go to work.
Children go to school. Days when in the morning you have to put on a jacket
but in the afternoon you can do without – nice temperatures and a low sun.
September, October… (*teehee* my birthday month!)

Why was I thinking of that?
Well – in September the online workshop “Let it Loose” will start!
With the vacation ending and children going back to school, momma’s will
have time to “let it loose” – so I thought.
I went through the lessons again this week and got enthusiastic all over,
so today I will show you sneaks of what to expect in that workshop.

But first, as promised, “skinny skinnies!”


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Jul 23 2010

Soak up the Sun
(Freewheelin’ Friday #31)

The bright days kept on being bright last week!
But with the sun shining through our blinds I noticed something…

… how dirty my windows and blinds were!

You can’t see it on this photo but believe me – two smokers in the house
leave you with a thick layer of nicotine on the windows and blinds…

… and since the bicycle racers in the Tour de France had their day off –
no telecasting on Wednesday – I spend that day cleaning the windows
and the blinds.

Why do I post this, you ask?
Well, for starters – I’m not the “housekeeping kind of woman”.
And second: It took me all day and left me with muscle pain in my arms so yes,
I want the world to know I CLEANED THE BLINDS!! YEAY!

My beloved got infected by this cleaning virus and he decided to go polish
our dining room table on Wednesday evening… I gotta say: he asked first
’cause – as you know – that’s the place where I create.
I had no deadlines waiting and the table really needed a polish so I said
go ahead but ooohhh, it always takes over a day (polish – oil – wait for the
wood to absorb the oil –  rub – oil  – you get the picture) before we can sit
at the table again so I found myself at a loose end yesterday…
I just didn’t know what to do with myself! I have no problem with having
diner on the couch in front of the TV but did you notice that the BEST
scrapping ideas come when you’re not able to scrap??!!!


But of course I wouldn’t leave you on a Friday without showing a layout…

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Jul 15 2010

There, I said it again!
(buried treasure 2010)

I discovered Seths’ blog The Altered Page over a year ago, and he still
inspires me  a lot! Last year, I collaborated in his “buried treasure project”
– which was all about digging up an old blogpost and re-posting it. Was that
really a year ago??? It was, ’cause I received an e-mail from Seth that he is
doing it again and he asked if I would participate in it once again…

“While many blog readers will enjoy seeing your favorites all on one day,
I think this also very enjoyable for us bloggers. It gives us a reason to look
back through our own archives, see what we have done and how we have
grown as artists, and chose a post (or posts) that for us is very meaningful!”

Of course I’m in Seth! If only to show that a lot of things can happen in a year!
I dug up a meaningful post which was the early beginning of me to “go for it”
Since that post, I build my own website with an online community and taught
two online workshops already! I’m happy to say it was and is a success!!!

It’s special to re-publish the post witch made me come out and start showing
and doing what I really want: teaching (online) art journal workshops in my
own community! (for you who haven’t seen it yet: Marit’s Paper World)

And here’s my old post from September 2009…


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Jul 6 2010

My PAPER world
and book for Nout

I promised you a big announcement and a lot of photo’s this week…

Here it comes.


It is in 2 languages now – English and Dutch – and I RENAMED IT TO:

Marit’s Paper World

My work goes beyond scrapbooking lately, and I think “Paper world”
includes all the art that I make now.
The address and e-mail remain the same though.

And for you who have my blinkie on their blog: did you see it change?

On my website, you can also register to receive my newsletter.
Whenever there is a new workshop coming up or other news to share
I will send a newsletter to the ones who register for it, so you stay up to date
(You can always cancel it if you don’t want to receive the newsletter anymore.)

Thanks to Marius for making everything possible!!!

There’s a new workshop in the make, the logo is on the website already.
It starts on October 22.
Keep an eye on the website (or register for the newsletter) ’cause more news
about it will follow soon.


Another announcement:


The introduction is on the STM blog today!
Thanks Michelle, for asking me!
I LOVE to work with all you girls this month!


Yesterday, Nout turned 18 and I gave him the mini I made for him.
He was thrilled, and it brought tears to his eyes.
He (and I) want to thank everyone who send advice, layouts, cards, nice quotes
and sweet words. I used everything!

I know you all are curious to see the end result, so here it is.


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May 4 2010

Registration for this workshop is closed!

Check out my online workshop “A Creative Art Journey”


First lesson is up, second lesson will be up at May 11 and after that (May 12)
registration closes!

A tutorial on how to make this box will be available in the workshop.
Interested? Then hurry, and register!

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May 4 2010


Can I take a deep sigh…?


OK, done. I needed that!

You all know my new workshop “A Creative Art Journey” starts Friday, don’t
you? And of course I started working on it in time… but after I wrote a number
of lessons for it, it somehow didn’t feel right… don’t know why… I just didn’t
“like them” a lot. So I thought about it, talked about it with my beloved but
kept on going anyway… and suddenly last week I knew “what was wrong”
and I decided to go back to the beginning and change it… oooohhhh..
so little time left and right at that moment I decide to go back and start over.

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