Apr 16 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#18)

is it Friday again already?
Yes… Oh. Ehm…
Do I have something to show you?

Well of course I do!!!

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Nov 8 2009


Aaah, I had some playtime this weekend and I made layouts for several
challenges! It was fun to do that again – it’s been a while.

So here we go…

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Oct 9 2009

Hidden talent

Let me tell you about my son’s hidden talent….
’cause I got my (belated) birthday present from him this week.
And you know what?

He knows exactly what you always wanted to have but just never knew
yourself that you wanted…. but HE knows, and he buys it for you
and when you get it you go like: “how did you know I wanted this?
I didn’t know myself but now that I see this, it was my wish to have this!”

I got the “Book of longing” from him!
It’s written by Leonard Cohen and it collects Cohen’s
poetry written between the 1980s and the present.
“It also includes his wonderfully witty and sensuous
illustrations, including numerous playful self-portraits.
The illustrations interact with, and complement, the poetry
in unexpected and fascinating ways.”

This is such an inspiring book – it’s almost like an art journal!
Thank you Nout, for giving me this. I love you 1.000 kisses deep!

OK then, on to bussiness ’cause it’s Friday, and you know what’s
happening on Fridays, don’t you?

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Apr 12 2009

@ seventeen…

…I looked like Kate Bush. At least, that’s what they said…

And hey, I didn’t mind!
Can you blame me?
Look at her!
That’s one lovely lady!!!

But to be honest… I didn’t look THAT much like her. Her face is heart-shaped (and mine, obviously, wasn’t. And isn’t. And never will be!)

I think it was the hair though! My hair is kinda red too… not really, but with certain light conditions – yes – OK – there were moments that I looked like her. I have that one particular 
photo to prove it. 
And I used it on my lay out!

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Mar 20 2009

That’s what friends are for

Fun challenge over at Scrapping Out Loud! 

“Song Title/Lyrics Challenge: Our challenge for this week is to use a line
or phrase from the song “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick anywhere on your layout… (click on the title for the complete lyrics)”

I used the same lyrics before when I made a CD and little book to go with it for my dear friend Lena, but hey, that was not a real “scrap” (you can take a look at that mini book here) so why not do it again?!

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Feb 7 2009

Highschool revisited

I went RETRO, yeah!!!
The Creative Type came up with this “prompt” (as they call it):

“For prompt 10, we are taking it Retro. Choose a font from whatever era it may be that you dig and create with it. Make it bold, make it colorful, make it anyway you want, but be sure to use the retro font that you chose.”

and retro I went!

I decided to take it back to the years I was an adolescent, the seventies. 
I found the box filled with my old high school diaries in the attic.

I spend hours reading in it,
my son laughed over the slogans I wrote in it and
both my loved ones tried to recognize the numerous 
“seventies pop heroes” on the pictures…
(I used to have “de POP agenda” – the “POP diary”)

We sure had fun!

And then I started creating!

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Jan 10 2009

I know, I know, I KNOW!

Weekend allready – time flies! It’s been very cold last week in the Netherlands, and even colder in the south (where I live). We – my love and I – spend last wednesday standing in the snow and freezing wind, blow-drying the waterpipe because it was frozen and I couldn’t do the loundry.
(Noticed that when my bathroom overfloated…)
The “winning mood” I was in since tuesday dissapeared quickly that way! We (to be honest, more him then me) managed to defrost the ice in the pipe after a few hours and we got the water floating eventually. Pffff…

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