Nov 13 2010

Freewheelin’ Saturday!

Sorry for the delay and thanks for waiting my friends!
I was really busy writing articles yesterday and didn’t have time
to work on a page that lay waiting to finish or write a blogpost…

But here I am!
I finished the page this morning, and then there’s something else
I want you to show (yes, it’s dry by now ūüėČ )


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Sep 23 2009

Three evil sisters
in my secret life…

Yep, that’s a weird title… I know!
But there’s nothing strange about it, when you know
the reason behind it…
Those are the two titles of my latest layouts!
I just thought it would be fun to combine.

OK, let’s start with evil sisters.
Do you have one? Or two? Or maybe even three?
I don’t have sisters at all!
I have one brother, he lives in Canada and is a sweetie…!
So what’s with the evil sissies then?

I agreed with Danielle to each make (and trade) an ATC with
a Halloween theme, and since we don’t celebrate Halloween
over in the Netherlands, I thought of bending the theme a bit –
so I went with “witches”.
I came across a free stock photo with three ladies on it (sisters, maybe?)
and I decided to make a series of three – transforming the ladies into witches.
And so I¬†gave birth to these “three evil sisters”

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Aug 28 2009


I’m soooo happy with what I made last week!!!

I saw this tutorial a couple of weeks ago, and I new right away that I wanted
to work on that! My “Leonard Cohen Art Journal” still had no cover.
Well, that’s not true ’cause it HAD a cover¬†– I tore down an old book¬†and I
worked on the old pages, but that old fabric cover was still laying around
waiting for me to do something with it.
And now it screamed at me to be altered the way as shown in the tutorial!

Everything fell in place when I saw the Lotus Paperie challenge for this week:
“scrap anything that isn’t for an album (decor, altered things)”

And so I took
the old cover
out of the closet
and decided
that this was
to go work
on my
Leonard Cohen
Art Journal

Here’s how it
looked like
at first.

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Jul 27 2009

Catching up…

This is going to be a chaotic post… with a lot of randomness.
Things are a bit hectic at the moment and the more I create,
the more my “to do” list seems to¬†grow instead of shrink.
I discovered some new blogs/artists lately (thanks to
the buried treasure project) and the inspiration has taken flight!
I just can’t¬†choose where to start or what to begin with.
Lots of images/ideas/possibilities whirl through my head and I guess
it all has to descend and find it’s place before I can filter “my own thing”
out of it.

Do I sound a bit cryptic? Sorry, my English writing is not bad but
when it comes to explaining mixed feelings inside it’s hard to find
the right words¬†in another language…

So let’s stop talking and let’s start showing!

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Jul 14 2009

Less talk, more photo’s

I don’t have much to say today.
Summerholidays¬†are¬†easy going…

A little bit of housekeeping.
A little bit of creating and
a lot of TV –¬†watching “le Tour de France”

So I’m gonna show you some creativeness from last week,
and after that, sink down on the couch again.

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Jun 23 2009

Laundry & Art journal page

When I woke up this morning and looked outside, I saw a typical Dutch sky…
Blue sky, white clouds, the sun was shining and wind was blowing
so the first thing that came to mind was: LAUNDRY DAY!

When I closed my eyes,
I saw images like this

(Clothesline chic.
Photo: New York Times Magazine)

Sweet dreams…

This is more
what it looks like
over in my little

(Only I have
white sheets
hanging on the
drying frame
right now.)

Between washing and hanging laundry, I finished the Leonard Cohen
Art Journal page I started this weekend.

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Jun 8 2009

Another Art Journal page

Before you all start screaming and shouting and mail me about how MARVELLOUS this is, I have to tell you: this is NOT one of my pages!

I was kinda stuck with the
journaling on my own Art
Journal page I was working
on this weekend, so I googled
around to find inspiration…
and this is what I stumbled
over. Got fascinated right away! It is made by
Nancy Baumiller, and when
I found her blog I was in
oooohhh and aaaaw for a long
time. She has a gallery filled
with wonderful art and there
is so much to see and read on
each of her Art Journal pages
that it will take weeks to
explore all that. Pay her a visit, and be amazed!!!

Nancy’s way¬†of¬†journaling inspired me to do something similar, and so I finished yet another page in my Leonard Cohen Art Journal.

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