Nov 29 2008

Dutch girls
the old fashioned way

I’m working on an idea to make a LO about me and my friend as “dutch ladies”.
We’re friends since primary school, we grew up in a small village in “Zeeland” and we both have “Zeeuwse” ancestors. In Zeeland, people used to dress in regional costumes, and – although I’m not thát old – I remember elderly women were still dressed in this clothes when I was young!  › Continue reading

Nov 27 2008

ScrapMojo challenge #26

Did quite some scrapping this weekend! Not only finished my layout
for OLW (see former post) but also made a layout for ScrapMojo
challenge #26… Here’s the challenge they came up with:

“Your challenge is to make a statement with your scrapbooking. It can be any kind of a statement. Use it as your “soap box”, tell us something that you think is important, or something that we should know. You may not even have to use words to make your statement. The sky is the limit! Second part of the challenge is to use ink. Any way you want to any kind at all.”

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Nov 26 2008

Word Up #40: ENERGY

I had some ideas for the word Revlie* came up with for OLW.
(*Revlie is one of the members of the creative team on OLW, she’s a
Dutch scrapper and her work is often published in Scrapmagazines in the Netherlands.)

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Nov 22 2008

Stazon ink –
does that makes sense?

The title of this post refers to my latest project! Take a look!!! 
What do ya all think of it? I’m satisfied over it, but discontented over the stains the ink left – I noticed it too late…  I fixated all the pages but the ink still comes off so it stays a fragile book to touch. I think the (waterbased) ink stains because I used it on greasy, shiny paper and I wonder if using stazon ink would’ve been better. But then again, can foam stamps handle stazon ink?
Does anybody know that? Please share your experiences!

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Nov 20 2008

“Gotta know when to stop…”

Oh dear…. do I finally start bloggin’ and after one week the computer denies acces to the internet… (was that a sign? and what does that tell then?) I was a few days without internetconnection, but here I am again!
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Nov 15 2008

gift coupon

Besides through phonecalls, letters and visits, my mum and dad can also follow my (scrap)life on this blog now, and I know they do… (Hi mum, hi dad!)
Last week I received a postcard from my mum who read my “season of the witch” journaling, and I can tell she liked it because the postcard said:
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Nov 13 2008

OLW – Word up #39 – Listen

Played all afternoon with the marvellous photo I wanted to use. Had some problems finding the right colour paper to go with it, but finally got it right… › Continue reading