Dec 22 2008

Poems-Poetical decorations

I told you.
I’m not much of a Christmas-decorator.
Not at all.
Just a bit.
A very – tiny – little bit.
But THIS I couldn’t resist…

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Dec 19 2008

The glow of christmas

This morning I spend quite some time surfing on the Internet and I had a lot
of fun reading other blogs and getting inspired by all the amazing layouts, techniques and pictures I saw! I even found other challengeblogs that looked nice to me, but I don’t think I’m going to play along with all that challenges. 
A girl’s gotta have time left for her own projects too, you know!
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Dec 17 2008

ATC-cards & boys-bands

I traded my very first ATC-card!!!
In an earlier post (20 November) I wrote about making them, but I never traded any before… and now I have the first of what hopefully becomes a collection of ATC-cards in time!

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Dec 10 2008

Word Up #41
(my little big) Miracle

The painted chipboard looked just the way I wanted this morning!
After a night laying on the sideboard to dry it was ready for further use.
Yesterday, I’d already placed everything in the right position and made a nice layout so I had an image of how it was going to look like, but I guess this was one of my slowest scraps ever (for a single scrappage that is, a little book takes more time…) because it took me another afternoon to finish it!

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Dec 9 2008

Waiting for the paint to dry…

Last sunday I started working on a layout for the new challenge for OLW (Word Up # 41 is “Miracle”) I found just the right pictures to use, but hey, don’t expect my layout to be finished yet…

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Dec 6 2008

Chicago – Dialogue

I live with two men in the house. One was born in the 1950’s and one was born in 1992… but they both love the music of the band Chicago. Not the latest albums, but the music the band used to play in the seventies. My son especially loves the song “Dialogue”, and so I made a layout about that song (with my son in the leading role.) › Continue reading

Dec 2 2008

Delft blue tile scene

Just a short post to let you know I’m on a tile! › Continue reading