Jan 17 2009

Change of plans!

It’s NOT going to be a little book this weekend….

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Jan 15 2009


My second post this day, but hey – can you blame me?
I don’t get a reward everyday you know!!! (see former post)

This afternoon I finished my LO for the challenge Scrapping out loud! came up with this week. This was their challenge:

“We want to know what 2008 taught you?
Tell us what you have learned from the past year on a layout.”

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Jan 15 2009

I’m fabulous!

Well, maybe I’m not but my blog sure is – Melissa gave me this blog award
to prove it!

Thanks soooo much Melissa!
I’m very proud! I love your blog too – especially your questions 😉
Check it out you all!

And now on to the rules:
I need to name 5 addictions, and 5 people I’d like to pass on this “award” to…

Well, uuuuuhhh, my addictions.

  • SMOKING (for sure, even made a LO about that!)
  • Coffee while reading the morning paper.
  • Scrapbooking (I’m hooked on making mini-books)
  • Putting on my PJ’s right after dinner.
  • bloggin’ (recently developed this addiction, and it’s here to stay!)

And moving forward to my 5 fab bloggers. There are lots of blogs I follow and ladies I “met” last month, and I should probably not choose the ones Melissa or Denise (before Melissa) picked, but I sure want to mention both Denise and Jessica! Love reading your blog ladies!

But for my list of 5 fab bloggers I choose:

  • Meka (please keep on bloggin’ girl!)
  • Fauve (she deserves this!)
  • Revlie (for making me smile almost every day)
  • Ronda (she’s a real scrap-master)
  • Christina (her photo’s are fabulous)

And now I’m off to finish the LO I’m working on.
It should be posted sometime today ’cause it’s nearly finished, so take a peek later to see if it’s there…

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Jan 13 2009

(More than a)
“penpal from abroad”

In 1977 I started writing with boys and girls from other countries.
I was in my teens and it was very “hip” in those days to have a penpal from abroad. (It was also good for my English, it improved rapidly!) I had lots of penpals but while most of them disappeared over the years, Kumi stayed.
She lived in the USA, but studied in Europe for a year and visited me during her holiday. We became true friends over the years! The last time I saw her was 12 years ago and it was only for half an hour. She had to change planes in Amsterdam on her way from Germany to the USA. I took that day off from work and drove all the way up to Amsterdam (a 2 hour drive) to meet her.
On the airport I begged the customs office to let me behind the bars and
she begged on the other side with the officials. They wouldn’t let her out
nor me in… but I think they liked us girls because finally they agreed that this was a special occasion and they “let her out”. We had just enough time to kiss and hug and drink a cup of coffee…. and off she went. 🙁

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Jan 12 2009

New Years tradition

As I wrote in my former post, I tried to combine two challenges in one LO,
and I managed quite well to say so myself!
Challenge #28 over at ScrapMojo was the following:

“This one is about your traditions.
What is the one (or two or three) tradition(s) you have for New Years?
Do you make sure to kiss someone? How bout singing songs?
Maybe a special hat? Or yes even making resolutions that you don’t keep
can be one! We want to see your tradition.
The second part of the challenge is to use buttons.”

I combined the ScrapMojochallenge with this sketch Scrapping out Loud 
came up with…





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Jan 10 2009

I know, I know, I KNOW!

Weekend allready – time flies! It’s been very cold last week in the Netherlands, and even colder in the south (where I live). We – my love and I – spend last wednesday standing in the snow and freezing wind, blow-drying the waterpipe because it was frozen and I couldn’t do the loundry.
(Noticed that when my bathroom overfloated…)
The “winning mood” I was in since tuesday dissapeared quickly that way! We (to be honest, more him then me) managed to defrost the ice in the pipe after a few hours and we got the water floating eventually. Pffff…

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Jan 6 2009


I WON!!!

I’m soooo exited!!!
I won the scrapchallenge over at ScrapMojo this time!
Yeah! Wohw! ME!!!!
I never won a challenge or contest before so this totally makes my day!
On top of me winning, it snowed and the sky is blue and the sun is shining…. this is my lucky day.
My year started of just fine!!! 
Today I love life and love you all.

I’ll be back this evening to reward you for this feeling with a gift to you all,
so check on me later!

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