Feb 28 2009

Life is…

…GOOD when the postman rings the doorbell to bring you this! 

This arrived last Thursday – finally!
I was expecting it for a few weeks already!
It’s the Sassafras kit
I won over at ScrapMojo with my “Christmas lay out” 
It took seven (yes, 7) weeks to get here…
but finally I received it
and although some
patterned paper show
Christmas trees and
little reindeer’s, I’m
very happy with it!     

This little bundle includes spring-like little papers.
I fell in love with it right away! 

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Feb 25 2009

My heart belongs to….

Had to smile, when I saw the latest ScrapMojo challenge #30…. HA!!!
This was it:

“We know Valentines Day is done and over but we are sure you have pictures to scrap. This challenge is for those of you who have those love inspired pictures laying around collecting dust. Our challenge to you is use one of these as your title on your page… For the love of ______(fill in the blank) or My heart belongs to _______ (fill in the blank). The second part of our challenge is to use heart(s) on your layout.”

Those titles I can fill in easily! The name never changed either.
It’s a fact all my former boyfriends had a problem with! (Not that there were too many, but one by one they couldn’t cope with it. Until I met my love.
He’s the only one who understands and doesn’t have “issues” with this…)

I do love my man. Very much. No other man can compare to him.
I do love my son. Very much. No other child can compare to him.

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Feb 23 2009


I spend last weekend standing up (glad I always scrap in upright position!)
or laying down (thank God for our big couch and lots of pillows.)

if realy necessary, 
wiggling on a chair
balancing on just
one buttock…

… and this morning,
I went to the doctor.

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Feb 22 2009

Discover the world (Challenge
Scrapping out Loud! )

After the disastrous lay out on Friday (threw that away, remember?) I decided to just keep it familiar and calm with the next lay out. Couldn’t handle another failure again so I worked with colours and paper I feel comfortable with and I went back to the basic of my scrapping: sand and water. Peaceful colours.

Did this LO for the Scrapping out Loud challenge which was the following: 

“Our new challenge for this week is to use more than one kind of lace on your layout. Use lace as a border, wrapped around chipboard, to highlight a pic,
a lace flower, use a lot or a little…but make sure you use more than one kind!”

Is this lace?

I decided it is more lace then ribbon, so YES, this is lace!






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Feb 20 2009

No FUN at all!

After my last “Wonderland” lay out, I had troubles to start another one.
I wondered through the house, looked at my photo’s, looked for my mojo,
did something else (cleaned the kitchen!) looked at my photo’s again and finally started a lay out with the Word Up #45 “Fun” (OLW challenge).
It turned out to be NO FUN at ALL!!!
Worked a few hours on it, and it became more and more ugly. It’s gone now! Threw it away! (after ripping of the, already glued, alphabet to re-use)
Sorry guys, but it was way to ugly to show – or even tell more – about that one.
Let’s forget OLW this time!

So, looking for fun on the Internet then, I came along Jessica’s blog and there 
she wrote this:

“So, I tagged Lisa for the 6th pic in the 6th folder thingy and she left me this comment today “Now I dare you to go back and show us the 6th layout you ever made… that should be fun!! 😉 ” ….great idea… right..
Wanna play… Find the pic of the 6th layout… and post it… c’mon and leave me a link so I can see it… can’t be any uglier than mine!

OK, I was in for some fun so I looked up my first album and started
counting the pages….

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Feb 18 2009



Remember this photo? (See post February 5th)
A lot of things came together with this picture and it sort of became a major project! Let me explain…

(A bit of history)
After years of “scrapping on my own” I looked for other scrapbookers on the Internet, mostly to find inspiration.

While surfing, I came along the ScrapMojo challenge blog and liked the challenge there so much that I decided to play along. (Challenge #24,
my “Season of the Witch” lay out)
Of course I wanted to send my lay out to their blog, but didn’t know how to do that, so I e-mailed them and Marie (ScrapMojo girl) mailed me back and helped me along. By that time, I was already hooked on the blogs and challenges I’d found, so with help of my dear love and son (who already had a blog) I started my own weblog. (And yes… I became an addict pretty soon!) But being busy with that, I had to skip ScrapMojo challenge #25.
I never forgot about that one though ’cause I liked it so much!

This was it: 
Your challenge is to use Alice in Wonderland as inspiration. That means take ANYTHING from the story and use it. It could be images, quotes, book pages, colors, whatever your little heart desires. The second part of the challenge is to use lace.

While working on the above “sixties”photo, giving it a “psychedelic look”
(I showed you in February) a song popped in my mind, and I couldn’t get
it out… it was the song “White rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.
It’s a band from those psychedelic – flower power years, and the song
refers to… Alice in Wonderland!

And there it was! The inspiration to make this lay out. It all came together!
The song I like, the picture I like, the challenge I like. I wanted to make the ultimate lay out out of that! It had to be a spread, ’cause I wanted lots of flowers and butterflies and beads and overwhelming colours and, and, and…. you already know it took a lot of time to make this one, ’cause I mentioned a little something sometimes on my blog to make you curious (and that worked didn’t it? You ARE curious by now!)

OK then, here it is. I proudly present…. (tatatatadaaaaaaaa)

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Feb 16 2009


Don’t worry, I’m not having a “scrappers block” or something… the reason
for not showing you a lay out in a week is because I’m working on one that takes lots and lots of time (and even longer, ’cause I’m a slow scrapper…)
This weekend – a bit tired and dizzy of all the colours and things I’m working with on that lay out – I used the challenge of Scrapping Out Loud to create a simple “in between” scrap to compensate.

I managed to not only scrap
the challenge they came up with,
but I also used the sketch AND
the word of the week, which was “LOVE” 





 And this was their challenge:
“We at Scrapping Out Loud are amazed by all of our loyal fans and all of your amazing layouts you’ve been creating so in keeping with that theme we want you to create a layout based on Amazing Moments in your life!
Don’t forget if you combine the sketch of the week or the word of the week you can double or triple your chances to win this month’s fabulous rak from Love is in the Details!”

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