Feb 11 2009

A mystery gift and
some family history

When I was twenty, I lived with others in one house.
(We don’t know “student campus” in Holland, students usually share
a “normal” house) There where four girls in the house. Two of them lived on the ground floor, sharing a kitchen and bathroom, and I lived upstairs with Lenny. Lenny and I shared not only the kitchen & the bathroom but also our clothes, our thoughts, our sorrows… our lives!
She became a very close friend, more like a sister (we both never had) and
I still call her “sis” sometimes!
I don’t see her very often, she moved and I moved, but we write long letters and once in a while we come together. Last Thursday we did, we had dinner in a nice little restaurant and she brought me a gift!
It came in this
little, paper bag
(although Lenny doesn’t scrap, she shares my love for beautiful paper!) which made it look somewhat mysterious…
but the gift inside was sort of a mystery too!  


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Feb 8 2009

Watching the world go by…

… that’s what he did, Jan Maljers.
My great great grandfather.
(Yep, that’s two times “great” and not a typing error)
He sat there in his chair and watched the world go by…

And me?
I’m right in the middle with my scrap paper & lace & paint & photographs 
& emballisments & stickers,
and I play!
I played a lot this weekend.
Got my mojo runnin’ girls!

So here’s my second post this weekend, including a new lay out.

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Feb 7 2009

Highschool revisited

I went RETRO, yeah!!!
The Creative Type came up with this “prompt” (as they call it):

“For prompt 10, we are taking it Retro. Choose a font from whatever era it may be that you dig and create with it. Make it bold, make it colorful, make it anyway you want, but be sure to use the retro font that you chose.”

and retro I went!

I decided to take it back to the years I was an adolescent, the seventies. 
I found the box filled with my old high school diaries in the attic.

I spend hours reading in it,
my son laughed over the slogans I wrote in it and
both my loved ones tried to recognize the numerous 
“seventies pop heroes” on the pictures…
(I used to have “de POP agenda” – the “POP diary”)

We sure had fun!

And then I started creating!

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Feb 5 2009

Lucy in the Sky
with Diamonds???

Spend the morning surfing on the net, looking for retro free fonts for a new 
lay out I want to create. (It’s for the new prompt over at the creative type.)
I have an idea for a “seventies-layout” but I came across psychedelic fonts and sites along the way and “psychedelic images” started popping in my brain
(and no, I don’t do LSD, thank you…)

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Feb 4 2009

Living (Word Up #44)

Living poetry, that’s what she does.
Living poetry, that’s what she IS!!!

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Feb 1 2009

Home versus home

Yesterday, we went to visit my parents in Zeeland.
They still live in the small village where I was born and raised. 
It’s a 2 hour drive so we left home early. My heart always beats a little faster once we arrive in “Walcheren” (the region I lived) and I realise every time I do miss the places, the landscape and the language (dialect) a lot!
It’s kinda weird when I go there, feels like leaving “home” to “go home”… where do I belong?

Anyway, here’s
a photo so you
get an idea of the landscape.
The “mountains”
on the horizon are the dunes – behind that the beach and the waves.



The city from which this photo was taken is Middelburg. (The photographer stood on top of a high tower called “de lange Jan” – (“Long John”)
My birthvillage should be on the very right of this photo, or maybe just a little further to the right. 

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