Mar 29 2009

When all the laughter
dies in sorrow…

The Word of the Week over at Scrapping out Loud is “laughter”
I found this poem by Kendrew Lascelles:

When all the laughter dies in sorrow
And the tears have risen to a flood
When all the wars have found a cause
In human wisdom and in blood
Do you think they’ll cry in sadness
Do you think the eye will blink
Do you think they’ll curse the madness
Do you even think they’ll think

When all the great galactic systems
Sigh to a frozen halt in space
Do you think there will be some remnant
Of beauty of the human race
Do you think there will be a vestige
Or a sniffle or a cosmic tear
Do you think a greater thinking thing
Will give a damn that man was here

And the breathtaking photo comes from a free stockphoto site.

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Mar 28 2009

Dutch delight

Prepare for another colourful lay out!!!
Scrapping out Loud came with this challenge:

“Split complimentary color challenge:
We have another color challenge for you all this week… but this time you are to use only 3 split complimentary colors from the color wheel on your layout….not sure what split complimentary means, check out the color wheel…”

I made you this example so you get an
idea what “split complimentary” means.

(I enlightened the 3 colours
I used on my lay out.)



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Mar 27 2009

Sneak peek

I made a little something for Lou and Helen (see this post)
I like both “things” equally although there are a lot of differences.
And some things in common.
(As the ladies themselves, I presume)

I visited their blogs several times, and tried to participate on what I saw
(and think they like)

Now that I’ve finished crafting, I’ll pack all the stuff, bring it to the post office and send it of to you ladies, so keep looking for the postman next week!

But of course I made pictures first, so let’s make you curious….


 Sneak peek for LOU











 Sneak peek for HELEN









Have a great/creative weekend you all and see you soon!
Je t’embrasse!

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Mar 23 2009

Feeling like a little kid…

So yesterday I was at the “Scrap-a-Licious” event…
The first time I ever participated in something like that.
A bunch of scrapladies sitting around big tables. Workshops.
It looked like this:

And yes, I felt like a little kid again, standing in a corner. Not knowing anybody and feeling insecure. Noticing that when I feel insecure I look aloof and arrogant. (I’ve been told many times before!)

I tried to socialize (not really my kind of thing to approach people I don’t know…  I became quite solitary-minded over the last couple of years)
I don’t know if I managed, but I met a couple of ladies, we exchanged blog addresses and talked a bit. Don’t know what they thought about me, standing in the corner of that big, big table (I was the only one standing up while working… so actually I was glad I was on a corner!) and not having such a nice scrapping bag and all, but hey, never mind. I’m new. I don’t know the codes yet…

It’s strange though, whenever I have to teach or talk, standing in front of a classroom filled with people, I’m not insecure at all! Maybe it’s because my role is obvious then. Do I have troubles mixing with people? I don’t know, but anyway, I tried “to fit and mix”. I talked a bit. At least I talked to people. Corinne (who organized it), Iris, Linda, Liesbeth & Petra & Astrid (who I knew a bit through their blogs) and I also talked to Birgit (hope you and Anniek got home well!) and Dina (who was kind enough, together with Iris, to look through my album! Nobody else brought their work and so I felt like I was showing off,
which was not my intention at all!)

And then the workshops:

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Mar 20 2009

That’s what friends are for

Fun challenge over at Scrapping Out Loud! 

“Song Title/Lyrics Challenge: Our challenge for this week is to use a line
or phrase from the song “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick anywhere on your layout… (click on the title for the complete lyrics)”

I used the same lyrics before when I made a CD and little book to go with it for my dear friend Lena, but hey, that was not a real “scrap” (you can take a look at that mini book here) so why not do it again?!

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Mar 18 2009

Once upon a time…

…there was this girl.


and she studied Arts at the school for Art Teachers….

This is not a fairytale – if you read my post about “Lord of the Rings” (03-13)
you knew already that the girl is me (in 1988/1989 – still young and pretty.)
I asked you if you’d like to see pictures of my former work and the objects at my graduation exhibition and you answered you’d like that so I searched for my logbook and photo’s.

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Mar 15 2009

Candy with a difference!

I was on Lou’s blog and she had an idea for giving and recieving candy… however, I thought the rules were way to precarious so I consultated Lou
and I/we changed the rules a bit.

It should be more fun to participate in it now, so if you’re up for receiving some candy…..

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