Mar 13 2009

Me and Frodo Baggins…

” One ring to rule them all
  One ring to find them
  One ring to bring them all
  And in the darkness bind them “


I’m like Frodo. I carry this ring.
Mostly around my finger (I don’t  become invisible though…) 

“What would you do if you ruled the world? Would you sit on a throne and wear a crown? Would you make everyone walk backwards? Maybe it isn’t this world at all…Maybe it is a made up world. We want to see a page telling us what you would do if you ruled the world. The second part of the challenge is to use stars. This challenge was inspired by many many things. I hope it inspires you to create something fabulous.”

This was the challenge over at ScrapMojo – and yes, it inspired me… 
(I hesitate if the ultimate result still fits the challenge though. I think so,
but do give me your opinion!)

My son took this mysterious picture while I was working on my lay out… getting curious?

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Mar 11 2009

My son answers…

I got this from Melissa’s blog and mailed it to my son…
so much fun to see the answers!
You should take a few minutes too and ask your kids these questions
– their answers might surprise you!

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Mar 9 2009

Seven pictures
(and a few words)

I won’t be writing a long post this time, just want to show you what I created last weekend.

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Mar 8 2009

International woman’s Day

History is herstory too!

Wanna know more?
Click on the picture!


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Mar 5 2009

Anticipatory pleasure!

And sharing it with you!!!!

Corinne just confirmed my registration for the Scrap-a-licious sunday
(March 22nd.) This is the very first time I will be taking workshops…
I don’t know what to expect but I’m curious and looking forward to it!

There will also be shop owners present with scrap goodies to buy so I’m saving up my money from now on… 

If you click on the logo you can check the whole thing out yourself!!!
(Site both in English and Dutch)

And I’ll be back at the end of the week to show you my latest project and the tutorial I promised…. see you then!

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