Mar 13 2009

Me and Frodo Baggins…

” One ring to rule them all
  One ring to find them
  One ring to bring them all
  And in the darkness bind them “


I’m like Frodo. I carry this ring.
Mostly around my finger (I don’t  become invisible though…) 

“What would you do if you ruled the world? Would you sit on a throne and wear a crown? Would you make everyone walk backwards? Maybe it isn’t this world at all…Maybe it is a made up world. We want to see a page telling us what you would do if you ruled the world. The second part of the challenge is to use stars. This challenge was inspired by many many things. I hope it inspires you to create something fabulous.”

This was the challenge over at ScrapMojo – and yes, it inspired me… 
(I hesitate if the ultimate result still fits the challenge though. I think so,
but do give me your opinion!)

My son took this mysterious picture while I was working on my lay out… getting curious?

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